Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday Night Protest Party!

This is how I am feeling right now.

Dance like no one's watching.

Sing like no one's listening.

The "Wind Of Change" has begun to blow (heh heh heh) this week...we the people are demanding answers...we are coming for Donald Dump and his corrupt dictatorship!

RESIST, INSIST, PERSIST, ENLIST! (thank you Hillary!)


PS - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sassybear (May 17) and Cubby (May 18)!


  1. I also hear his corrupt dic-tator fell off years ago. It matches Kellyanne's sour puss.

  2. I am so ready to see him get kicked to the curb ... and take Complicit and Jared and Pence with him.

  3. Oh I love this song! I used to listen to that CD all the time during my college years. I also can't wait to see SCROTUS and his gang of grifters gone.

  4. "Hiding in the bushes." Best line of the week! Openly lying to the American people for personal gain. Sane folks wouldn't be able to sleep at night! CROOKS!!
    #DonTheCon #Impeach #FuckTrump

  5. G'day, W.Q. Late on the draw once more, for no particular reason. Well, actually getting plenty of sleep in preparation for having to stay up tonight right beyond 11 p.m. - repeat, ELEVEN o'clock - to catch the full mad extravaganza of our annual (and - sssssshhhh - VERY unofficially gay) Eurovision Song Contest. Pity that the U.K.'s entry, for the umpteenth time is so lacklustre, but it's par for the course. (The Russkies have pulled out of this year's contest in a huff anyway, so they can go and sulk in a corner at the obscene 'gayness' of it all.).

    So how's you and the rest? I usually get up and watch the 5 a.m. morning news on Sky which almost guarantees the daily 'entertainment' of another bizarre twist in the Trump-orama Never Ending Story. But not much fun for those living within his 'Empire', I know. How much longer can it last? And not even four months of the four years gone!
    Your much-desired 'Wind of Change' is surely coming, though I can't help wondering of it would help if there was a single, viable political figure to stand up to the present administration and around whom protesting demands could coalesce and be articulated. From this distance, I may be wrong but I don't see anyone walking into the spotlight - perhaps there are one or two who haven't made themselves visible yet, or maybe it needs some elections to bring them forward?

    Otherwise all fine here. Pussies as before, like me trying to grow old with at least a bit of grace, and not always succeeding.
    Could be warmer too, with the longest day a mere 5 weeks away before nights start lengthening again. Sheeesh!

    Hope all are in fine fettle there.
    Regards to every soul present - and hope you all have a fantabulosa w/e.

    1. I don't see any REAL leader on the horizon either. of either party.

      we are supposed to start getting summer weather this week; high 90s with high humidity.

      it's been a chore-filled weekend for both of us. laundry and various other household duties for me, RTG planted his garden for the summer (2 tomatoes, 2 peppers, 1 cuke).

      all is well here in the philly burbs. a good week to all creatures in your house.

    2. Maybe once the 'swamp' has been finally drained some true people's champion will emerge. (One can only live in hope.) Trouble is, seems to me that the swamp level is rising higher and higher by the day.

      When your veggies sprout save some salad for me, will you please? I'll supply watercress - purchased from the supermarket, of course.

      Regards to all the purry ones, plus you and yours, naturally.

    3. one can only hope is correct. wish I could mail you some fresh veggies!

  6. Yay! Thanks, AM!

  7. I can't help myself, I just have to send you
    this quote.
    "President Donald Trump woke up this morning with thoughts in his head he needed to get out on Twitter while the morning shows were still on. He suggested that, "WE CAN"t EXPECT
    "PERFECT ACCURACY ” from his surrogates, like spokespeople Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and that the press briefings should be cancelled if we want perfection."
    OMG!!!!!!!! What !!!!!!

  8. Love it! Crank it up. I'm actually humming it.

  9. I have to believe that recent political events signal the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency. It couldn't come soon enough. RJJS

    1. not fast enough for me; it should have happened in the first week.

  10. I am home again - Have A Great WEEK!

  11. The wind of change could be a hurricane or a fart. I think it might need to be both to blow Mr Trump into the sea.

    1. whatever it takes to flush this asshole down the toilet!