Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Night Dance Party!

This is how I am feeling right now.

Dance like no one's watching.

Sing like no one's listening.

"Footloose"- paging Larry Craig to the white courtesy phone please!  (tee hee)

AND Kevin Bacon is a philly boy; his late father Edmund was a prominent city planner.  YO to my homeboy!


  1. OMG!
    Just how many shots of LEG WARMERS can you fit into one video?
    Seriously watch that again and count the number of rivals the number of shots of Kevin Bacon!
    LMAO! the 80's whatcha gonna do?

    1. I can knit leg warmers, but WHY would I want to? :)

      music plays a VERY BIG part in my life (if ya have not figured that out by now). sometimes ya just gotta get up and boogie!

  2. I had no idea that Kevin was Edmund's son! I have one of Edmund's books on the shelf right next to me. I studied city planning in graduate school!

    1. yeppers! and kevin and his brother michael tour as "the bacon brothers"; they play guitar and sing. spouse and I have caught them in concert in intimate theater settings many times.

      edmund lived into his 90s. many of his city ideas were brought into fruition; several were not, and the city has been kicking itself ever since.

      a history lesson for the day! :)