Friday, August 10, 2012

She's On A Music Kick!

Please tell me your fave answers to these questions. Things like this make me curious about other people, cause knowledge = power.



1 - What was the first song you ever bought? - get off of my cloud, rolling stones (I still have the 45)

2 - What song always gets you dancing? - wake me up before you go go, wham

3 - What song takes you back to your childhood? - 8 days a week, beatles

4 - What is your perfect love song? - can't fight this feeling anymore, reo speedwagon (dedicated to someone very special)

5 - What song would you want at your funeral? - I won't back down, tom petty

6 - Time for the encore. One last song that makes you, you. - born to be wild, steppenwolf (FUCK YEAH!)

ETA - dammit dammit dammit, I made a mistake on #4; now fixed courtesy of spouse.


  1. 1 - What was the first song you ever bought? - Shawn Cassidy-Da Do Run Run and Debbie Boone-You light up my life (saw Shawn in concert too)
    2 - What song always gets you dancing? - IF-Janet Jackson cuz I remember the performance at the 97 (?) VMA's and dance moves rocked

    3 - What song takes you back to your childhood? - Julio Iglesias-Last Dance With You (it was always the last song they played at my skating rink that I went to 3 days a week)

    4 - What is your perfect love song? - Forever and Always... Jeff and I's wedding song...
    5 - What song would you want at your funeral? - Somewhere over the Rainbow-by a group of men in kilts playing bagpipes

    6 - Time for the encore. One last song that makes you, you. - Born this Way...Lady Gaga... I know, it's gay, but it took me over 30 years to come to terms with who I was

    Now I am going to do this on my blog...thanks!!!

    1. 1 - interesting!
      2 - don't know that one; must look up
      3 - same as #2
      4 - shania!
      5 - OMG, that would be fabulous
      6 - LOVE IT!

  2. 1. First song (record) bought - 'Last Train to San Fernando' by Johnny Duncan & the Blue Grass Boys.
    His only hit here (#2 in 1957 - when I was 10!) though not a hit in his native America. He hailed from Tennessee and emigrated to the U.K., probably hoping for another smash, which never materialised.

    2. The song that gets me dancing? So many, but one would definitely be Pet Shop Boys' 'It's a Sin' (ah, all that negatively-influential Catholic background yet again!)

    3. Reminds of childhood - again, quite a number. But one of the very first was Teresa Brewer's 'Nickelodeon' - which was very popular, at least here in England, but so old I think it probably preceded our first charts in 1952.

    4. My perfect love Song - 'The Power of Love' by Jennifer Rush (emphatically NOT the much inferior Celine Dion version!) The 'middle eight' especially, of this song breaks my heart every time. The accurate song title says it all.

    5. My 'funeral' song - let's go out on an (un)healthy dollop of treacly schmalz - 'If the Whole World Stopped Loving' by Val Doonican. A lovely, gooey, song in waltz time (a U.K. #3 hit in 1967 - not a hit in the U.S.A.) by a lovely 'Oirish' man.

    6. A song that makes me - this is the most difficult of all, but I do relate to Peggy Lee's 'Is that all there is?' I know some say that hers isn't the best version, and I have heard others, but her smoky, sultry voice just does it for me - and helps me to identify with its melancholy downbeat mood.

    Not a very positive note to end on, A.M., but I've thoroughly enjoyed writing this. Thanks for giving us the opportunity. XXX.

    Btw, A.M: The only one on your own list which I don't know is your number 4 - but I'm now about to discover it.

    1. good morning dear! 7a here; cawfee in hand, I will attempt to answer this.

      1 - don't know that one; must look up
      2 - yes!
      3 - 1950 US #1 hit (I wasn't born yet); real title is "music music music"
      4 - I only know the celine version; will investigate yours
      5 - don't know that one; must look up
      6 - 70s song; yes, she did have an interesting voice

      the words for my #4 choice are very powerful; listen carefully.

      happy you liked this post, dear. keep reading!

    2. 3 - Yes, of course 'Music, music, music' was the title. I recall myself and my even younger brother dancing to it together and, suddenly realising that my mum and dad were laughing at us (in a loving way), so I then stopped my little young legs out of embarrassment.

      4 - Oh, A.M. - Jennifer Rush's version is so very much better - as I think (and hope) you might have found out yourself by now.
      Btw: If I'd carefully considered your question I might have cheated and suggested a joint answer to this question - 'Killing Me Softly' - by Roberta Flack, of course, not the silly and sacriligeous rap version by The Fugees (1996, Number One for FIVE effing weeks here! Roberta's version only got to #6.) They may as well have been singing out the stock market report for all they cared about the lyrics!

      5. Val Doonican had a wonderful singing voice, rather like Jim Reeves, but Val gave me many more 'tingles'. He's still around, but getting on, of course.

      I got sidetracked before I could look up your REO Speedwagon. I see it got to #16 in our charts here in 1985 so I'll almost certainly know it - but here goes!

      Yes, I'll be coming back to this posting to see others' answers. It's fascinating! Great idea, my dear!

    3. Yup, I now recall the REO Speedwagon song - but only slightly. There's a sincerity in the lyrics which tells that the composer/lyricist actually felt the emotions being expressed. But I can now fully understand why you chose it as it presumably encapsulates raw emotions that you were feeling at the time. It makes sense now. Thanks, A.M.

  3. this music idea is not mine; I stole it off a knitting/crochet social website to which I belong. me, have an original thought? perish it! ;-)

    1. Well, even if it wasn't your idea, it's jolly good that you did this posting, A.M. Now I want to see other bloggers' answers - LOTS OF 'EM!

  4. 1) Led Zeppelin Houses of The Holy album (I was young but had good taste!)
    2) We are Family by Sister Sledge (I might be partial to Led Zep, but I am GAY!)
    3) Sweet Caroline (my dad was a Neil Diamond FREAK, probably why I loved Led Zep)
    4) I Am What I Am (cause if I can't love me, how am I goona love anyone else?)
    5) Dancin' Days (Led Zep, Houses of the Holy....celebrate cause I have moved onto a EVEN better place!)
    6) Express Yourself (Madonna,.... yep I'm gay)

    "Don't go for second best baby!"

    1. interesting choices; yep, you're gay! :)

      "satin sheets are very romantic
      what happens when you're not in bed?"

  5. On wanking on Wham!. You make it difficult to keep my mouth closed.

    First song bought: "American Pie" - Don McLean
    Song that gets me dancing: "Hit that Perfect Beat" - Bronski Beat
    Song that takes me back to childhood:
    Perfect love song: i'm not sure this exists....or that i have one. I know i don't have one.
    Funeral song: I usually say: "Turn the Beat Around" by Vickie Sue Robinson. But if i were intent on making people cry, I'd do Iris DeMent's: "My Life"
    Song that makes me, me: hard one. I'll go with an unknown: Marti Jones' "Inside These Arms"

    1. sorry, blobby dear. there were sooooo many I COULD pick for #2, and (let's face it) george michael was fucking HAWT then! "careless whisper" is another fave of mine. I know, spoken like a true str8 girl!

      I am going to have to google all your choices except for "american pie". and I am keeping my mouth closed on "turn the beat around", so we're even! :) smooches!