Saturday, September 22, 2012

Brain Puke II

Lots o shit swirling around in the toilet bowl that is my brain.  Let's capture some of it here.

Mittens Romney - please, for the love of all that's holy, STFU RIGHT NOW!

I have had the house windows open for 2 weeks now and it feels great!  No air conditioner running, no heat on, electric/gas savings galore!

Why do people assume women like children?  I don't; I cannot stand the little bastards!

I have the nicest buncha boyfriends a girl could EVAH want!

I am retaining water like a mofo today.  UGH!

I think my baseball season will not last past October 1.  Dammit!

I think the next house project may be a new roof.

First day of autumn; my fave season; my sedum and crape myrtle are still blooming and spouse is still getting tomatoes and peppers.

Fall allergies are killing my eyes and nose!

I have met these guys and these guys this year; on Friday, I get to meet this guy!  He's in my hometown for a meeting, and has promised to buy me a drinky-poo.  Incriminating evidence to follow.

Spouse's new battery-operated lawn mower is so damn quiet, I can hardly hear it running!

Why do some women still act like they are in high school?  Grow up already; as Prince sang, "Act your age, not your shoe size!"

Why the hell is fish so expensive?

I had a coconut pineapple banana smoothie for lunch today; it was missing some rum...

Why do guys like to bang the weights down and grunt loudly when they finish a rep at the gym?  Not only is it bad form, but who are they trying to impress?

Justin Bieber can go to hell.

Kim Kardashian's moment of fame was up 20 years ago.

Paris Hilton, you are so DEAD to the gay community.

The Chick-Fil-A-Hole CEO says nothing has changed in regards to his giving to hate groups.  And nothing has changed in regards to my eating there either.  Suck it, Dan Cathy!

A new hospital opened up in my neighborhood today; I hope I don't have to see the inside of it for a VERY long time.

I detest the sound of leaf blowers.

Some stores have Halloween, Thanksgiving, AND winter holiday shit displays in their windows.  Kill me now.

I am also hearing commercials on spouse's fave radio station for a winter holiday concert.  Kill me again.

Why did spouse just get mail addressed to his nephew's parents?  They live three hours from here...

I have to go to a wedding in two weeks; one of spouse's cousins is getting married.  I don't really care.  I don't know these people and I hate making small talk.

My driveway is covered in brown crunchy oak tree leaves.  And acorns.

The wind chimes outside my kitchen door are making nice music in the breeze today.

I wish my boss were still giving us 1/2 day Fridays.

I wish Mondays did not exist.  PERIOD.


  1. No Mondays would just make Tuesdays suck and then we'd only get one day off a week! ;(

    1. I would put a saturday on each end; the week would be sun,sat,tues-fri,sat. 3 day weekend, 4 day workweek.

      but I gotta rule the world first to make that happen!

  2. Many of these i could have written!

    1. so why didn't ya? do I have to think of everything? :)


  3. On the joys of reading you is you do not mince words!

    1. thank you, dear spo! that's the conclusion cubby came to last weekend.

      I was always being told to SHUT UP as a child, that I didn't know what I was saying, etc. well fuck that shit, I am an adult now! (at least I think I am an adult...)


    2. I loved Anne Marie's rant. LOVED IT!

  4. I wish *I* could meet Shawn! That's one cute boy :-) how cool that you've met blog buddies this year :-) you go, hon!

    1. hello darling; welcome; cum in and stay awhile. I see you and I have spo in common.

      ya know, I never would have met these blog buddies IRL, yet the internet makes it possible. life offers so many possibilities; perhaps you and I shall meet someday!

      I will post about my escapades with shawn next week; stay tuned to this channel!

  5. Are you feeling better now, A.M.? Ok, I know - you've already thought of twenty more!

    1. OMG, I've just had a look at the pic of Shawn - and part of me wishes I hadn't (Don't ask which part!). Boy oh boy! If he doesn't know how damn H-H-H-H-O-T he is, please make darned sure he knows it before you leave him, will you?

    2. hellz yeah; give me a sec and I might think of 30 things!

      ALL my boyfriends thank shawn is a hot animal. but I think he already taken, so there go MY chances! :(

  6. Let Mittens keep talking, he diggin a pretty deep hole.
    My baseball season is so over, Here's to opening day 2013!
    I'm doing a new roof on the rental.
    Can't wait until FRIDAY, woohoo!
    Banging weights down is rude.
    Haven't eatin at that chicken place in years, don't miss it either.

  7. I'm jealous of your open windows. I am so tired of both the heat outside and the air conditioning inside. The weather person keeps promising an end to triple-digits temps. I am SOOOooo ready.

    1. yeah, but when it gets butt-clinching cold here in january, you will be thankful for where you are right now! smooches!

  8. Oh, that whole "Why do people assume women like children?", yeah.
    It's, like, people thinking that just ;cause I'm gay, I love Madonna. Hate the bitch. Don't own a single album. Or even a single single, either.
    And I don't really like black and white movies. Gimme technicolor any day.
    Now, let's talk Donna Summer...

  9. Darling Anne Marie,

    Have you ever considered stand up comedy? You would make a fortune! Do it honey!


    1. for the past 20 years, plenty of people have told me I should do stand up comedy. just one itty bitty titty problem - I can't stand crowds and stage fright would do me right in.

      I do better with 2-3 people at a time. that way I can tailor my humor to the people. AND I won't make a fool of myself in front of hundreds (I have my dignity to consider); unlike mittens asshat romney, who makes a fool of himself in front of millions!

      I can handle my admiring boyfriends quite well, thanks. they pay me back in fortunes better than money.

      smooches! :)

  10. This guy's jet plane is waiting at the gate and he will soon be leaving for Philly!
    See you Soon!