Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Fave Movies - Comedies

I know that several of my boyfriends like comedy; hell, they think I should be a stand-up comedian myself!  Several of these movies have some great belly-shaking laugh lines.

So comment away - which have you seen/not seen, liked/hated, good/bad memories, acting, good/bad jokes, etc.  I am interested in your thoughts.

(in no particular order, with my comments following)

austin powers: international man of mystery - oh gah, the swinging 60s ("do I make you horny, baby?  randy?"); the sequels sucked ass

beavis and butthead do america - heh heh heh, I said "do"

send me no flowers - oh cripes, bet rock hudson and paul lynde had a gay old time making this one (wink wink nudge nudge); tony randall's deadpan lines

animal house - john belushi's best; "thank you sir, may I have another?" "was it over when the germans bombed pearl harbor?"; I cannot hear the song "louie louie" without thinking of this movie

planes trains and automobiles - john hughes directed; steve martin and john candy pairing up as road warriors; ray charles singing "mess around" ALWAYS gets me moving!

a shot in the dark - peter sellers' hairy chest! :)

the pink panther - suave david niven, silly peter sellers, the car chase scene; herbert lom, RIP

harold and maude - "if you wanna sing out, sing out..."

the odd couple - "hello, divorced broke and sloppy"; "now it's gahhhhhhhhbage"; the pigeon sisters

the producers - the original was FAR BETTER than the remake; "then get it, oh wicked witch of the west!"; "two three kick turn, turn turn kick turn"

joe's apartment - ants help a clueless dude find love

mannequin - MADE IN PHILADELPHIA (nuff said there); "nothing's gonna stop us now"; sorry, but the gay character was the too over the top stereotypical str8-guy-playing-gay = WRONG

my big fat greek wedding - egad, I have attended weddings like this and it seems all ethnic groups have da crazies

love at first bite - "I love the nightlife, I gotta boogie, on the disco round, oh yeah yeah yeah!"; arte johnson as renfield

blazing saddles - "confidentially, my grandmother was dutch"; "mongo straight!"; "but we don't want the irish, oh prairie shit, everybody!"; the bean scene

monty python and the holy grail - killer rabbits, the knights who say NI, the coconut shells, patsy the horse, "spamalot"; "go away or we shall taunt you a second time"

the trouble with angels - hayley mills post-disney movie; made in this area; "willows, willows!" (gypsy rose lee as a dance instructor)

some like it hot - "like jello on springs"; "nobody's perfect"; MARILYN!

Did I miss anything? I'm SURE you'll let me know!  Smooches! :)


  1. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

    1. I have not seen this one; must check it out. thanks, honey! :)

  2. Great list! Only twice did I roll my eyes or say Oh Puhleeeze! (Beavis & 1st Bite). I'd substitute Young Frankenstein for Blazing Saddles, and added What's Up Doc?; Paper Moon; and Life of Brian (even though you already have a Python)

    1. oh fuck, I forgot "young frankenstein" AND "life of brian"! thanks, sweetie!

      beavis = cause I am a 12 year old boy

      first bite = george hamilton, what can I say?


  3. I've not seen so many on your list that I feel I haven't lived.
    Trouble is, one's tastes change and films which one found funny at the time can seem less so on repeated viewings.

    I'd agree with the inclusion of 'Planes, Trains' etc, if only for watching Steve Martin's silent reactions to his circumstances written on his face.

    Austin Powers, 'yes' to all the films - and it's all very 'safe' humour too, with all the jokes being aimed back on his own characters.

    Blazing Saddles, very hit-and-miss, as were all Mel Brooks' films. But when funny, VERY funny.

    All the Monty Python films have incredibly funny moments. My own favourite is still the very first 'And Now For Something...' compilation.
    In surveys, the British public have consistently voted 'Life of Brian' the funniest film ever made, though I think the comic presence in it is variable (the alien abduction sequence is just annoying!).

    The ones which come to mind not on your list are 'The Great Race' (especially for Jack Lemmon's nasty villain.) and several Woody Allen's, including the very first where he had total control, 'Take the Money and Run'. But I know Woody is not to everyone's taste.

    I'm afraid 'Animal House' just missed my funny bone completely.

    But you've given us plenty of food for thought, A.M. Thanks.

    1. good morning hawt stuff!

      spouse LOVES "the great race"; we both have enjoyed several woody allen movies, such as "sleeper", "annie hall", "hannah and her sisters", "broadway danny rose".

      "animal house", american college humor; I graduated from a college similar to the one portrayed in the film, so it hits close to home. and there are MANY colleges in this country that still qualify. yeah, those were the days...

      smooches! :)

    2. You too, A.M. - but you'll have to stop calling me 'hot', or any variations thereof. It might go to my head and that would NEVER do! :-)

    3. which head? bwhahahahaha!

      if ya got it, flaunt it! :)

    4. I certainly HAD it, but I think I've used it all up!

    5. NO WAY, BABYEE! as long as you are alive and breathing, you have it! so flaunt it, baybee, flaunt it! :)

  4. What? No Marx Brothers?
    Please! See Duck Soup or A Night at the opera!

    1. I leave those to the spouse; the marx brothers are his fave comedy team. between the two of us, we get a good mix. smooches!

  5. Just now joining the party. Most of those newer titles are unknown, but here are a few that hold up today that I would add to the list:
    Duck Soup (Marx Brothers, of course)
    Sordid Lives
    In & Out
    Young Frankenstein (Stand close to the candles, this stairway could be treacherous)
    To Be or Not to Be (Mel Brooks brilliant remake of Lubitsch's classic)
    Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines. (Just Brilliant!)
    Support Your Local Sheriff.

    Now put these in your DVD player and watch them.

    1. spo mentioned the marx brothers and his husbear mentioned frankenstein. I also forgot "caddyshack" and "groundhog day" and "napoleon dynamite" on my list.

      I don't know "sordid lives" and "in & out"; will check those out.

      I remember watching your bottom (heh heh heh, I said "your bottom") three titles, but they must not have made a big impression on me.

      don't be late to the party again! smooches!

  6. I am on a different computer where I do not have you bookmarked and just noticed Dr Spo has the name of your blog wrong, go check it out!
    You would have to be a pretty powerful witch to make that happen!

    1. yeah, I know; I already alerted him to that fact.

      I can nudge him again, if you like. the link (whilst wrong) still points to my blog if you click on it.