Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Fave Movies - Musicals

I know that several of my boyfriends like musicals (NO!  REALLY?).  Several of these movies have some great lines that really make you think.

So comment away - which have you seen/not seen, liked/hated, good/bad memories, acting, singing, etc.  I am interested in your thoughts.

(in no particular order, with my comments following)

bye bye birdie - so dated; paul lynde's deadpan lines; bobby rydel (philly boy!)

the wizard of oz - "a heart is not judged by how much you love, but how much you are loved by others"

west side story - hatred kills

my fair lady - "c'mon dover, move your bloomin' arse!"; cecil beaton's costumes

funny girl - babs; "hello gorgeous"; what's NOT to like?

singing in the rain - "it says so...right there"

an american in paris - oscar levant's deadpan lines; gene kelly's dancing (pennsylvania boy!)

yellow submarine - blue meanies!  glove!  jeremy!

help - the music, of course!

a hard day's night - "it's a plot...a plot"; the music, of course!

saturday night fever - "you should be dancing" scene (would that I could dance like that!)

head - for a fucked up drugged out time, call jack nicholson!

let it be - lots of drama, tension, fun, hatred, music all rolled into one movie

the music man - ronny howard; shirley jones (pennsylvania girl!); "pile up enough tomorrows and you'll find you've collected nothing but a lot of empty yesterdays"

dirty dancing - PATRICK SWAYZE! (take me now); "nobody puts baby in a corner"; would that I could dance like that!

Did I miss anything? I'm SURE you'll let me know!  Smooches! :)


  1. Moulin Rouge. Chicago. Cabaret. Meet Me In St. Louis.
    To name but a few.....

    1. ok. I personally am comme ce comme ca on these. I have watched them, but I can't get into them.

      I would like to hear more of your fave choices! smooches! :)

  2. Anything where Judy sings is a must!
    Holiday Inn; Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire. A Christmas treat.
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show!
    Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street!
    Hedwig and the Angry Inch!
    South Pacific!

    1. I have seen south pacific; hated rocky horror; and have never watched the others. hmmmmm...

      (off to IMDB I go!)

  3. A.M., at 4.30 this MORNING. I spent 3/4 hour typing a response to this blog of yours (oh, the dedication!) but, finding that my comment was about 4 times as long as your original posting, no surprise that I couldn't get it to be accepted.
    However, in August 2010 I wrote a blog on the very subject of filmed musicals - and my ambivalent feelings towards them. So, if you fancy looking at it, here's the link:-

    Btw: Just one point on those you mention. I've always been somewhat mystified why so many people of my 'persuasion' find 'Oz' such a special film. In no way can it be said to be 'bad' - in fact it's pretty good - but I always wonder if someone other than Judy had played Dorothy would it have had the same status in gay sensibilities? Additionally, is there something resonant about her three companions each feeling inadequate and lacking in character in his own way, which accords with the attitude so many of us were (and still are) faced with that we, being, 'different', are significantly short of being what a 'normal person' should aspire to be. Just my own possible answers to the question I pose.

    Btw2: I actually got up extra-early this morning because my sleep was disturbed by the Stentorian snores emanating from Blackso, whose current sleeping location of choice is in the corner of the bedroom. (But he'll move somewhere else after a couple of nights.)

    1. ok, I go read your linky luv.

      hey, we are ALL different, but I don't feel less of a person than the next guy/gal due to my differences. "I was born this way hey!" the world has to deal with me being me!

      blackso snores? so does my meredith sometimes!

    2. I read your linky luv. I want to add to your list.

      original stage play BETTER than movie - GREASE

      original drama movie BETTER than musical remake - MOULIN ROUGE

      original movie BETTER than remake movie - HAIRSPRAY

    3. The film of 'GREASE' is possibly my most detested music film of ALL! It's difficult to explain exactly why, especially since so many of the songs are good or VERY good. I think it makes me feel excluded like no other - and I feel I neither would be wanted in that high-school setting (if I'd been young enough) and would have no wish to be part of it.
      And Olivia N-J's transformation into Travolta's fantasy of a leather-clad harridan of a woman is just so tacky, ridiculous and sexist.
      Or am I taking it all just TOO seriously?
      (Never seen it on stage, but I think it's now become one of those trendy shows where the audience stands up, sings along and jigs around. NO THANKS!)

      Agree with you about 'Hairspray', but maybe not about 'Moulin' - I just like Baz Luhrmann too much to diss him.

      Yes, Blackso is a great (=loud) snorer. As the nights are now getting colder soon he'll be wanting to sleep under the duvet with me and lying across my arm. And then he'll be snoring directly into my ear. (Bless the little devil!)

    4. I LOVE your GREASE write-up!

      I take the original MOULIN ROUGE seriously cause (1) toulouse lautrec is my fave painter and (2) jose ferrer was wunderbar as toulouse. and zsa zsa gabor was just strange.

      all our sweet widdle kitties are a treasure!

      smooches! :)

    5. I saw the original 'Moulin Rouge' for the first time only about 5 years ago. It was pretty good, I must say. (Wasn't, at that time, Rosemary Clooney the Mrs Jose Ferrer?) I don't remember Gabor at all in it! But I SHALL watch it again when I can, given your praise here.)

      Please give all your brood of four-footed furry friends a kiss on their cold, wet nosies for me - as well as greetings from Blackso, Noodles, Ginger, Patchy, Coalie...... (2 or 3 of these are regular casual 'visitors' rather than residents).

  4. My 2 fave musicals of all time: Singin' in the Rain and An American in Paris. Classic MGM.

    You must take a look at Dream Girls, to be sure. It's a wonderful modern musical.

    I can't wait for Les Miz where none of the musical numbers were prerecorded, but sung while acting out the scene for the cameras.

    1. it appears I have missed some classics; these will keep me occupied this winter as I await the start of baseball season again (2/12/13).

  5. Some there that wouldn't have made my list the one glaring it's absence us Cabaret. Not only one of my fAv musicals but one of my fav movies regardless of genre

    1. bob also mentioned "cabaret"; nope, sorry, I am not a liza fan. to each his/her own. smooches!