Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Brain Puke VII

Lots o shit swirling around in the toilet bowl that is my brain.  Let's capture some of it here.

My first holiday card was from ron!

Today was a shitclusterfuck at work; my co-irkers would NOT STFU!!

Tonight was chest and back day at the gym; uff da!

My egg donor turns 80 today; meh.

So I went to spouse's holiday party on saturday. OMFB; get this:
  • many of the women were dressed either like whores or hoochie mamas.
  • some of these women were ready to pop out their tops or their bottoms or both.  waaaay too much skin on display.
  • I DID see some cute looking BILFs (boyz I'd like to fuck).
  • someone brought 2 bratleys - one was about 2 and the other was about 6 months. they are the grandkids of the company founder. INAPPROPRIATE!
  • the party opened up with someone singing the national anthem. at a holiday party. REALLY?
  • “santa claus” was introduced to us. REALLY? at an all adult party?
  • “happy birthday” was sung for the company. REALLY? at a holiday party?
  • the band was too fucking LOUD; they gave me a pounding headache.
  • best part of the food - crab-stuffed shrimp. and chicken parm.
  • funniest moment - during bar set-up, someone dropped a tray of glasses. broke every dammed one of them. I cheered.
  • so I got a free drink (gin n tonic), a free glass of wine (merlot), and some free food. I could have done without the free floor show.
I just got $200 back from my mortgage escrow account; can you say holiday shopping time?  I knew you could!

Today, the temperature in the greater Philly are was 68 degrees F.  I wish it would stay that way allllllll winter long!

Last weekend, I put my holiday electric candles in the windows.  I had to replace 6 burned out bulbs; thank dog spouse bought 2 packs of spares!

This weekend it's put up the 4' fake tree time, and hang the SIL-handmade stockings by the fireplace.

I guess I need to take pix of all this, right?

My company's holiday lunch is next wednesday.

There is not enough booze to get me through the next 4 weeks.

Spouse and I will probably have Japanese or Thai food for giftmas day, since we already had indian food for thanksgiving.

WTeverlovinF is with all the plastic crap inflatables on people's lawns?

Isn't it time to put the Valentine's Day candy out in the stores?

"All I want is what I've got coming to me.  All I want is my fair share." - Lucy Van Pelt



  1. Replies
    1. oh, I don't know about that, dear spo. it's just an ordinary life, with chores and work and some frivolity mixed in. smooches! :)

  2. I hear you about the plastic crap inflatables... There seems to be one for every holiday. I haven't lived in the US for ten years now, but I still know about these. WTF?

    And, you remind me, it's time to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas again. One of my annual traditions!

    1. charlie brown is a favorite; check out my holiday movie post for others!

      as for the inflatables, there's a sucker born every minute.

      smooches and MERCI for dropping by!

  3. I thought you were not buying presents......
    Holiday Inflatables are like acne...They look like shit, they keep popping up, they are associated with adolecent minds, there is not a good remedy to get rid of them!

    1. one present each for the following people only: sister, niece, nephew-in-law, and spouse. that's all the money I can afford/spend.

      if I had my way, I would buy each of my boyfriends something nice. but money is extremely tight this year.

      inflatables - you can shoot them using guns or arrows. pitchfork them. set them on fire. knife them in the back.

      smooches! :)

  4. That holiday party sounds CRAY-ZEE! I had to laugh about the Valentine's candy due out in the stores any day now!!

  5. I can feel your pain. Thank the Goddess we don't have parties like that. I still remember the one we had when in lived in London U.K. 30+ years ago.

    Better start finishing to wrap up Saint Nicholas gifts since our family celebrates his birthday later today, instead of on December 5.

    1. I don't think we will be attending next year; even spouse was bored.

      yesterday was baking day at my house (spouse has 3 potluck parties to attend this week and MUST take something); today will be setting up the 1.5 m holiday fake tree.