Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The (totally made up by Faux Snooze) War on Xmess

Sean posts one of these here TMI's every week.  So I'mma gonna post MY answers right here.

1. Which religion or faith do you belong to, if any? - none; organized religion is for sheeple

2. What is your opinion of seasonal greetings and salutations? - "happy holidays" and "happy new year" works just fine for everyone

3. Holiday music on the radio? - FUCK NO!  UGH!

4. What is your policy for exchanging gifts? - set spending limit for each person (in my case, spouse, sister, niece, nephew-in-law).  pay in cash = no bills after shitmas is over.

5. Gift cards are... - fucking KEWL!

6. Christmas cards/family update letters are... - non-religious cards are fine; update letters should be burned and pissed on!

7. Snow is... - a huge pain in the ass!

8. Have you been a good little boy or girl? - FUCK YEAH!  ALWAYS! :-)


     1. Food - italian pizzelle cookies (licorice flavored ONLY)

     2. Dessert - english xmess pudding

     3. Song - "happy xmas war is over"

     4. Movie - "scrooge" (1951 b/w alastair sim version ONLY)

     5. Tradition - japanese or thai food on xmess day

Christmas sex: What have you done under the mistletoe? Have you caught daddy kissing Santa Clause? Have you done it a santa suit? Did you come down the chimney? Just how merry have you made Santa's helpers? - NO to all of this!  But I'd like to watch one of my boyfriends do Santa!


  1. To your BONUS answer...such a naughty girl... lol... hope all is well!!

    1. hi honey! yeah, santa is in a sling and...WOO HOO!

      work will be the death of me (not literally) the next 19 days.

      but I have march 22-24 to look forward to - PARTAY WITH SPO!

      smooches to all in RVA! :)

  2. I have never had a pizelle cookie.

    1. OMFG! well, I shall HAVE to bring you some in March, made by our BEST local bakery! smooches! :)


  3. You're right on target re update letters enclosed in cards, A.M. Any excuse for a 'meme' but without any sense of fun - as though I could give a flying f*ck what they've been up to since the last time they sent me one, exactly one year previously!

    1. one of spouse's cousins ALWAYS sends a letter; the fucking thing rhymes (scream) AND there are religious references thrown in for good measure (UGH!). he also tosses in a pix of his demon spawn (yawn).

      we never see this cousin; he was a no show at a family wedding in october. so who gives a shit about his brats and his fat ass bitchy wife?!? waste of paper, if you ask ME!

      smooches! :)

    2. A.M., would you believe that within 30 mins of my writing the above comment the post arrived, including a card with a typed enclosure (easier to copy for all the other suckers!) which begins - "Well, 2012 has been quite a year!" - to which all I can say, before binning the wretched thing, "Well, BULLY FOR YOU!!!"

      Btw: In your own comment I thought that your reference to pictures of 'demon spawn' was a case of being one for the gay websites - but then it was case of "Awwww yes! NOW I see what you mean!"
      As for being a waste of paper, it would be a help (and environmentally-friendlier) if they'd use paper that was more skin touch-friendly, then it could meet the useful fate it so justly deserves.

    3. holy shit! and who gives a shit!

      demon spawn/crotchfruit/crotchdropping/twat nugget = child. obviously I have never spawned.

      our recycling program is all paper all the time; so a shitmas letter like the one you received would go on top!

  4. I agree with you about the update letters. I have a friend who has had a very successful career. His holiday card always includes an update letter with horrendous spelling and punctuation errors. I’m amazed he has been successful in the business world given his poor writing skills.

    I love pizzelles!

    1. do they make them out your way? if not I could send you some! smooches!

    2. I have friends who make them every year. They used to live on the east coast.

    3. OK, then you are covered! smooches! :)

  5. c'mon now , tell us what you really think and stop with the subtleties.