Monday, March 25, 2013

Bloggerpalooza #2 - Images of Lewes DE

Whilst my boyfriends were off playing dress-up and munching on mexican delights (oooooh, sounds naughty, doesn't it?), spouse and I walked one block up from the hotel to explore Lewes on Saturday.  It was a sunny day, yet very chilly and windy.

For those boyfriends who could not attend, and for Bob who loves architecture, here are some of the sights.

 The Inn at Canal Square - blogger hotel central for the weekend.

Town square.

Another Town Square shot.

Second Street - shopping central for Lewes.  Restaurants too!


The historic Hotel Rodney, across the street from St. Peter's.  Spouse and I had lunch at the Rose & Crown Pub on Sunday afternoon.

 This person has been under this tombstone for almost 200 years.  And our country was very young.

Biblion book store across from St. Peter's.  The convenient liquor store is the white building to the left.  Don't ask how many runs were made to this place over the weekend!

Lewes Mercantile shops.

Striper Bites restaurant - where the group gathered late Friday evening, long after I went to bed.  See the Italian flag to the left?  That's Touch of Italy; spouse and I had lunch there Saturday afternoon.

More Second Street stores.

The local bank.

Then, at Saturday night's banquet, Ron gave me this book:

Oh baby, looks like some heavy reading and HAWT nights ahead! :)


  1. Thanks very much for this little 'tour' A.M. I see that you also managed to shoo all the clouds away for that very special - and very successful - week-end.
    (Ron has told me that you did mention my absence round the table. And for that thought I am very touched. Thank you.)

    I saw you receiving Ron's book on the video, and you looked very chuffed indeed. Quite rightly too. I trust that you will 'use' the book for the purpose it was intended.

    it was clearly an occasion NEVER to be forgotten. But what sort of person would want to forget? And I've had such fun reading all about it and seeing at least SOME of the high jinks. Roll on the next one!

    1. OMB, that book is so...interesting! I opened it up to a random page and a man was describing another man's cock as they were about to shower together. DAMN! unfortunately, there are no pictures, or "fill in the blanks" anatomy pages. but a good one-hand read all the same!

    2. Anne Marie, sometimes a 1000 words are better than no picture! Reading erotica is much better than looking at it.

      But your pictures of Lewes are worth a thousand words and more. Thanks for sightseeing the town for Barry and I!


    3. you are most welcome, david!

      the mental images that words can provide...yeah, MUCH better than actual pix! people wonder why I listen to my phillies baseball games on the radio; I tell them that I have to exercise my MIND to "see" the game and my mind is better for the stimulation.

      I have heard that sex is 90% mental (or so my friends tell me)...

  2. Thanks, Anne Marie! You certainly saw a lot more of Lewes than I did! HAHAHAHA

    Nice pics. It was sooo great to meet you and your hubby this weekend! What a blast!
    Peace <3

    1. thanks, hon! we had a gay old time, didn't we? :)

      at 2p, the snow has stopped; road and driveway is clear, the grass has about 1". no snow day for us tomorrow. :(

  3. Thanks for the tour.
    While not a religious man, I do love looking at churches, and that one is purty!

    1. you are most welcome, bob! from what the local guys tell me, the church is about 50/50 str8/gay and VERY welcoming to everyone. the churchyard was filled to the brim with burial plots old and new. I like looking at the tombstones and wondering about the people beneath.

    2. Bob, you should see it lit up at night... its magical!

    3. ooooh, then I gotta see that next year!

  4. Janey, Goddess of SpringtimeMarch 25, 2013 at 6:33 PM

    Hi AM,

    I have not been to Lewes, DE, for many, many years. While vacationing in Jersey with my family, we took the ferry from Cape May to Lewes. I remember seeing some hot man-on-man action between two rough-trade characters in the restroom, and being very turned on. I was perhaps 13 years old or so at the time...

    LOVED your photographic tour! What a lovely weekend you had! And how kind that you brought your spouse along! He wrote and told me of his weekend of partying. (Note to readers: AnneMarie's spouse and I were party buddies throughout our undergrad and graduate years of college. Now we're friends for life. Isn't he the coolest straight dude?)

    Now do let us know when you cum to the conclusion of that "Daddies" book, will you, dear?

    Love, Janey

    1. OMB, girlfriend! it was such a wonderful time with friends old and new!

      todd has just posted a new blog entry about the weekend. click on the highlighted names in his post for further details.

      as for the book, it's probably going to be a "wet read".

  5. thank you for sharing all the great pictures--looks like the snow melted and stayed away! so sorry i missed attending a wonderful weekend, but i am too far west!

    1. we are sorry too, honey. next one, YOU come along for the ride, k? check out the other attendee blog posts for different views/thoughts too! smooches!

    2. Tony,

      We're already planning another one. Save up you money and make an early plane reservation so you can get the maximum discount. No excuses next time! I would love to meet you and I know you would love to meet the other bloggers. We do often have guests at our hotel from California. All are welcome. In fact we have guests from around the world.
      Come on down!


    3. i will keep an eye out for it!

  6. what a lovely weekend - I was so happy to finally meet you two!
    BTW - about that book - I will wait for the movie version.

    1. smooches and great big hugs right back atcha and someone! it's like I knew you were real before, but just having you in person/in the flesh brings it full circle.

      todd enjoyed seeing you at breakfast each morning; believe me when I tell you NO ONE wants to see the princess goddess warrior queen before she is fully awake - she can shatter glass with one look!

      todd also has nice words about YOU and this weekend; go click on ARTEEJEE in my blogroll.

      as for the movie version of the book, don't expect to find me there; I have the wrong equipment to play with those guys! ;-)

      love you very much! :)

  7. Its amazing how 'my town' looks through your lens! Glad you and hubby had time to explore and enjoy.

    1. I wanted to give the boyfriends that could not attend an idea of where we were. but that meant less time spent with my boyfriends that DID come to the meetup.

      and spouse and I spent money in town: touch of italy, the rose and crown, the book store, the yarn store, the artisan craft store, the liquor store. spread the wealth, baybee; stimulate the economy!