Saturday, March 9, 2013

Liar Liar Pants on Fire! (#5) (update)

I thought I would steal this from Jim.

Here are 5 things about me; which one is the lie?

1.  I have horrible spring allergies.

2.  My spouse is philadelphia born and bred (as am I).

3.  I like to swim.

4.  I collect shot glasses from places I visit.

5.  My spouse writes a blog.

Place your bets, folks!


I have a guest blogger providing the answers this time: the spouse!

1.  Technically TRUE; her spring allergies last all year round…as do mine for the last few years.

2.  TRUE.  Raybeard raises an interesting point.  I was born in Philly, then moved at age 10 to an upstate Pennsylvania hamlet called Catawissa, hardly a city.  Thus I like to believe that I was raised in urban Pennsylvania and rural Pennsylvania (or, as we refer to it, North Alabama).

3.  FALSE!  Girlfriend has never had a swimming lesson and has no intention of ever taking a swimming lesson.  Her loss!  (AM says: truth be told, I am afraid of water, heights, and enclosed spaces)

4.  TRUE.  I collect shot glasses from places I visit.  I learned in one of my earliest phone conversations with Anne Marie that this was something we had in common (cue Twilight Zone theme!)  Our shot glasses are bought, carefully wrapped, brought home, carefully unwrapped, cataloged, and placed on a shelf crowded with about 400+ other examples of short glassware where they collect dust, untouched by alcohol. I know…terrible waste of a shot glass, but go figure.

5.  TRUE.  These comments were brought to you by  Oh, wretched world! (cue melodramatic gesture of hand against forehead.)  Can it be true?  Can it be that some of you have not experienced the satirical musings of  I blame the conservative media!  Damn you, Fox News, damn you!

Bob, Nadege, David, Janey, and Java all receive lovely parting gifts for guessing correctly!


  1. I know you love a cocktail but they come in much bigger glasses. I vote for #4.

  2. I vote for #5.
    Peace <3

  3. Well I know for a fact that a certain one of them is true but I won't let on 'cos that would be being a spoilsport.
    I go for #2. Your hubby may well be Philly born but I reckon he was suckled at the dugs of a different but equally fine city.

  4. Shot glasses are a lie, I've seen you drink gurl! ;-)

  5. I know that # 5 is true. Maybe # 3?

  6. Haven't met yet, but I'll go with #5.

    See you in 2 weeks!

  7. My guess is #3 -- that you can't swim and afraid of the water.

    1. I am. I don't mind a shower, but the thought of going into a pool terrifies me.

  8. I an certain about this one: Girlfriend does not swim!

    Janey xo

  9. I'm saying #2. I don't know why... the rest sound true to me. :)

  10. I agree with Jim. Number 2 is the lie because all the others sound so true.

  11. I'm going with #3, just because.

    I look forward to meeting you in Delaware in less than two weeks!