Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Liar Liar Pants On Fire! (#11) - Update

I thought I would steal this from Jim

In keeping with his city theme, here are 5 cities I have toured; which one is the lie?

1. paris

2. san francisco

3. london 

4. dallas

5. seattle

Place your bets, folks!


1.  TRUE.  1970, 2 years after the student riots.  I was on a French study trip with some fellow high school students and my French teacher.  I was 15 and about to start 11th grade.  I still have my photos and can still remember the places I visited.

2.  TRUE.  1980s with my ex-spouse.  Expensive city, but beautiful.  Would like to return and meet up with Raybeard!  And get some real sourdough bread too!

3. TRUE.  Last stop on the 1970 tour (see #1 for details).  I also visited Rome, Geneva, Bern, Lausanne on this trip.

4.  LIE.  I have never been to TX ever.

5.  TRUE.  1980s with my ex-spouse.  Very interesting city, strange streets, had my first taste of Starbucks house blend here and shopped at the flagship Nordstroms.  And I never did get to the top of the Space Needle; it was closed due to a fire. :(

Bob got it right!  Jim should have not changed his mind. ;-) 


  1. I'm going to plump for Frisco 'cos, like Mary, I'm in a contrary mood - and I think that although one would expect you to HAVE visited it, through circumstances it's still on your 'bucket list' - as it is on mine. I'll tell you what, A.M. - let's meet up there sometime - agreed?

  2. I would think Dallas because it would be too hot. But I think I'll agree with Raybeard and say San Fran.

  3. I'd say Dallas because, well, it's D-a-l-l-a-s.

    1. Hey... I resemble that remark!

  4. I'm going with Paris.

  5. I would guess London... don't ask me why?

  6. I'm going to second the Paris.

    Peace <3

  7. Call me 'impatient' if you will, A.M., but what's the answer? And expand it a bit, please.

    1. Thank you, A.M. - and thanks yet AGAIN for that 'plug' you've given me. I don't just owe you one, I owe you a whole sackful!

      As to your answer to the quiz, well, when I win the lottery and come over we'll not only meet up in S.F. and walk down Castro together, but we'll pop over to TX and snap ourselves holding hands on the grassy knoll - or is it no longer there?

    2. sounds like a plan, stan! the only time I toured SF, I didn't get to the castro; ex-husband was not as adventurous.

      as for the grassy knoll; jim can confirm this place. what say you, jim?

    3. Oh, the Castro would have to be a 'must'. A gay man going to SF and not visiting that area would be like the Pope visiting Brazil and not laying his hands on the little children there - in blessing, of course.