Sunday, September 15, 2013

Brain Puke XIX

Lots o shit swirling around in the toilet bowl that is my brain. Let's capture some of it here.

Cripes, I haven't done one of these since July; sue me.

Just sunk $1000 into the car last weekend for necessary repairs (fuck).  Money is especially tight around my house right now. :(

Baked a lemon cake AND a chocolate cake on Saturday; beats buying something stuffed with HFCS and preservatives/additives at the store!  And it's cheaper too!

Went thru my recipe envelope on Saturday afternoon; found some tasty goodies to cook/bake now that fall is here.  Pumpkin muffins, banana bundt cake, italian rum cake, corn bread, german pancakes (courtesy of Jim) and slow-cooker lasagna (!).  Of course, there is always Spo cocoa for those cool mornings!

Had the central air conditioner off for a week, put it on Tuesday-Friday, currently have it off again.  Saves electricity AND money, baby!

My boss is away all next week, so you know what THAT means! :)

Got some estimates for some fall cleanup around the .5 acre I call home: $1800.  Fuck again. :(

Now for a commercial interruption; some pussy pix for your perusing pleasure (oooooooh, alliteration!).

Meredith (on the left) and Nyla (on the right); Nyla is looking for a toy under the couch.

Sisters - staring at birds and keeping warm in the sun.

Meredith says, "Pet mah fluffy belleh NAOW!"

Nyla in a similar pose on the sunporch.  She was passed out asleep.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Too many of my boyfriends have had serious health issues lately; this must cease IMMEDIATELY!

Some of my boyfriends have had a difficult time with life lately; this must cease IMMEDIATELY also!

So some asshat PA judge has ruled that my county Register of Wills office must stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  Fuck him AND fuck our asshole governor for their h8.

I think I will make an egg bread today in my breadmaker.

But before I do that, I have to go to the grocery store to buy eggs.  And cat food.  And a few other things.

Woke up this morning to 66F in the house.  Brrrrrr!  Turned on the heat to warm meself up a bit; the heat is now off but the windows are still closed.  It's 10:30a and only 64F outside, yet it's blue skies and sunny all the way.


  1. You weren't kidding... there's a lot swirling in that toilet of yours.

    I know your misery, I just sunk $700 into my car... GOOD TIMES!

    You should of told me you needed eggs, we have a coop on our ranch. We have over 80 chickens. Plenty off eggs to spare! ;-)

    1. well now, that's mighty neighborly of ya. so how do you propose getting them from your ranch to the philly burbs without breaking? :-b

  2. Nothing says fall to me like corn bread. one of my favorites!

    I. though, baked a delicious mixed berry cobbler for dessert tonight and then mowed lawns and washed cars etc etc....
    Now it's beer time on the deck!

    1. I use a can o corn in my corny bread! and it's sweet too!

      ooooooooooooooh, berry cobbler! I have the lasagna and bread cooking now, laundry & grocery shopping are done, ball game is on, and I have my knitting. spouse is outside doing yard stuff.

  3. I spent over $800 in May for the truck, but you sorta have to have tires, dang it.

    Slow cooker lasgna? I want to know how to make that.

    I'm done with my difficult times for now! I really appreciate everyone's support. It really helped.

    Love that chill in the house! I love cool nights, good sleeping weather. I had to get the spread out last night. Perfect!

    1. yeah, tires kinda do make the car go...

      I did sleep pretty well (for me) last night; it got down to 58F here.

      ok, I will post the recipe later; let me try it first. this is a first time run-through for me on the lasagna. and you just KNOW I am going to make changes to the recipe cause that's how I roll, YO!

  4. Well when your done with all that baking feel free to send some over. I love myself some good breads!!!!! And if I ever win the lottery I'll drop some your direction!

    1. well, we should plan on a meetup for drinky-poos and I will bring you some of my homemade bread!

  5. Stinko!
    I've been texting you last week, only to have the recipient get back to me to tell me to flake off/I have the wrong number! I'm trying to get hold of you to solidify November! Please text/email or send a smoke signal my way !! hugs

  6. Thanks for all the food references. Living out hear I forget it is autumn. The monsoon season is ending which means it could be September...or June...not really much difference.

    I agree with Bob about the corn bread though.

    1. yep, it's autumn back east..or not, as the temps fluctuate. this coming week we will see the 80s again during the day. back on goes the air conditioner.

      my late FIL always loved my corny bread any time of year. it's southern style, moist and sweet.

  7. Some of those unfamiliar food names look like no more than pairs of words to me, though they do sound appetising - most especially that mysterious 'egg bread'.

    We are clearly into Autumn here and i've got to start thinking about putting on the heating. Not for myself, mind. I could wait longer. But there are few things more disagreeable than having a cold pussy, is there?


      the egg bread is made with 2 eggs, flour, honey, yeast, milk, olive oil. that's it. it was dee-lish with the lasagna (and wine) we had for dinner last night.

  8. I try not to turn on the heat until October 1. This post have given me the itch to fire up the oven and bake some cookies.

    1. YEAH BABY! cause the oven will heat the house too! and because...COOKIES!

  9. Replies
    1. hey, it's been swirling since july, so...TIME TO FLUSH! :)