Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ask And You Shall Receive - Part 2 (Answers)

Sorry, but life and work have kept me running hither and yon lately.  I will now answer all your thoughtful questions!

From Helena: “Anne - you are very caring and delightfully nutty - the kind of blog I enjoy and admire. Do you have any preferences in building your blog list and do you think there are any 'clique' blogs out there?" - why thank you, kind lassie!  I didn't start out to be a blog writer, only a commenter.  Ron and Mark and Sean and Jim urged me to start my own blog.  there are cliques in every facet of life; I choose not to give them recognition.

From Travel Penguin: “There are white squirrels on the campus of the University of Louisville, seeing one before an exam is an omen of Good Luck." - get out; really?  wonder what my guy portends? 

From The Dogs Mother: “Abby wants to know if you will ship her the white squirrel for her collection?" - uh, no; sorry, abby. ;-b 

From Jon: “You are more brave than I am. Being an extremely private person, I'm reluctant to reveal everything. What specifically attracts you to gay men? Let me guess: they're handsome, witty, sincere, highly intelligent, very entertaining, and sexually non-threatening (I should know.....)." - oh ho ho, I am not about to reveal EVERYTHING.  some things are meant to be private and will remain so til I die.  you have already stated the answer to your own question, and I will add caring, kind, non-judgmental.  I find most women (exceptions are my blog followers) to be backstabbing cunts and want nothing to do with them.

From The Corporate Slave: "Do you like you job or do you feel like another cog in the wheel?" - I like my job 90% of the time.  but I work for a small (7 person) company, not corporate bullshit america. 

From MAC: "What was the first concert you attended and the latest?" - first concert I remember was seals & crofts; opening act was the fifth dimension (early 70s).  The latest concert was the bacon brothers (kevin [swoon] and michael) in october 2013.  YO, their father was the philadelphia city planner for many years. 

From Bob: "Do you think the rain will spoil the rhubarb?" - da fuq? :-/

From Raybeard:

1) Which country which you've not yet visited would you most like to see? - austria; my maternal grandmother's parents came to america from there. 

2) Are you now or have you ever been an active member of a political party? - I registered as a democrat in 1972 and have not looked back.

3) Which celebrity (deceased or still alive) do you remember as having your first crush on? -ringo starr

4) Which food can you just NOT STAND? - vegetables, 99% of them.

5) How do you like your fried eggs? - NEVER fried, only scrambled.

6) What was the first record you ever bought? - "get off my cloud" by the stones; I still have that 45 rpm.

From Sluggy: "When are you & Todd coming up to see me?" - don't know; todd works most saturdays.  e-mail me at and let's work something out.

From Mistress Maddie: "When a guy enters the room, what the first thing you notice? Or where do your eyes go?" - the eyes, honey...ALWAYS.  then the face.  then how he carries himself.  I also need you to e-mail me so that we can hook up (but not in THAT way)!

From Ron: "where is the most unusual place you made whoopee?" - in a private bedroom compartment on an amtrak train.

From Jay: Everybody asked everything I could think of! - then you are not trying hard enough (heh heh heh, I said "hard").

From UptonKing: "Tell me about the first time you fell in love. And then tell me about the time your heart was so broken you thought you'd never love again." - for the first question, I was 19, he was 30 and british, cute, caring; flowers, rainbows, fireworks, sparkly unicorns all happened; we had 1 year of fun until he had to return to the UK.

for the second question, I plead the 5th Amendment cause the information revealed would be too painful/would harm another.

And last, but not least, from Spo: "How many frenchman can't be wrong?" 50 million, according to sophie tucker.


  1. Abby is disappointed but will rally - today might be *the* day she catches our squirrel!

    1. good morning; you are up early (too early in my book)!

      sorry to disappoint abby, but I happen to like our lil white squirrel!

  2. WOW! Good job, my friend. Answering all those questions can be draining.

    1. yes it can. but I do it for my adoring boyfriends!

  3. Jolly full answers here, A.M. I'll have to take time out to consider and further comment. But in the meantime, "Ta!"

  4. No, I haven't forgotten you my sweets! Drinks indeed! Enjoyed this one. You know, I have always said one can learn alot about a person by how they like their eggs and train sex.

  5. Hey, I've been eagerly anticipating to read your answers - and you didn't disappoint. Great answers.

    My maternal grandmother's parents also came from Austria - - but now the area is a part of Hungary (in the Bakony Mountains).

    1. thanks, honey; it just took me awhile to grab the time to respond. I have not pursued any ancestry sites, so I have no idea where the maternal grandmother's people resided.

  6. Love it! GREAT POST!!! And I'll try harder next time! (HEEHEEHEE, I said "harder".)

    Peace <3

  7. Now that I've been through all your answers, but under the microscope this time, I'm afraid that regretfully it's true - you and I are INcompatible! Oh blow!
    I ought to have guessed your Ringo answer and I already knew to some extent that you don't go a bundle for veggies, but to take against NINETY-NINE per cent of them is just TOO much. (One has to ask what is the 1% which you WILL eat?) Oh dear! I'd rather starve to death than to consciously eat meat (or fish). I think if you and I were in a restaurant together (which yet MAY happen - at least I want to believe it) we'd be exchanging flesh and veggies with one another from our respective plates. (I already have to mentally flick the 'off-switch' when feeding my pussies, otherwise if I stopped to think about it I'd get the screaming ab-dabs!)
    But never say never! I think after a few of S/b's famed cosmos each we'd start loosening up and get to appreciate each other for what we DO have in common - which I'm sure is still an awful lot. Meanwhile, let's skate over our little difference and rejoice in our commonality. Yeah, Baby!

    1. we can have our differences and still be friends, right? I am not 100% compatible with anyone but myself. but I think you are a nice kind man who loves his pussies and the cinema. smooches!

      PS - spouse and I exchange things in restaurants all the time!

    2. A.M., I've never had one friend (in those far off days when I used have friends) who was also veggie. So of course it makes no difference - and nothing can take away the fact that we both have our pussies in common!