Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday Night Dance Party!

This is how I am feeling right now.

Dance like no one's watching.

Sing like no one's listening.

"Treat Her Like a Lady" - or a queen! ;-b

Do please send more healing thoughts to our Cajun.  He is still amongst us and would appreciate any and all comments you leave on his blog.


  1. M'ning A.M.
    6.40 a.m. right now. Been up since 3 thanks to a restless pussy.
    Hope that that's going to be the last of our frosty nights - temps due to inch upwards, day and night now, at least in 10 day forecast. I've just about had 'nuff of Winter, though must be said it that if that really is it it's not been anywhere near as severe as it could have been or as some in our recent past.
    So you've survived yours too, if it's nearing the end. Roll on balmy days of Spring!

    This Temptations number got to our #10 here in '84, though I can't recall it at all. 'Twould have been around the time when I was cruising around Europe, poking my nose in here and there, sniffing out the 'goodies' which were there just for the taking - and all free! Ah memories! Some to cherish, others not.

    Trust you and the other four family members are well and are in fine fettle - and looking forward to Easter?
    Going back to bed now to try to recover lost shuteye. There's a pussy awaiting me there right now, a newish little torty tabby (collarless) who's trying her best to move in. Don't know where her home is. Been sleeping with me throughout night for last few nights. It's getting increasingly worrying as I haven't the heart to lock her out, though I've been here before, quite a few times.

    So (yawning) I''ll shall bid thee good day and catch up with ye all later.
    Have a most pleasant w/e,

    1. ok, had to get some stuff done (laundry, groceries, etc.).

      I seem to have a few daffodils poking their green stems above the dirt; bwhahahahaha, 6 more weeks of winter, plants!

      another pussy? my, all the cats in your hood must talk: "go to raybeard's house to crash; he LOVES us!"

      take a nap with the pussies now; I already have!

      oh yeah, and check out the cajun's new blog post (2 today alone!)!

  2. My boys always treat me like a queen!!! I haven't heard a Lionel song in ages. I'm just up, but going back to bed....its too damn cold!!!!!!

    1. stuff a few houseboyz in that bed to warm it up for you, queenie!

  3. Hello Anne Marie,

    We suspect that no matter if anyone is watching, no matter if anyone is listening, you will be strutting your stuff and serenading the world with the best of them. Fabulous!

    1. allo ducks! I joined your blogroll yesterday; looks like I have some great reading to do there!

  4. That's an oldie and a goodie!

    I may start dancing outside and get some yard work done since we are going for a warm-up today!

    Good weekend, AM!

  5. Good morning! I'm still recovering from last night. Nope, I wasn't partying with housegirls and houseboys. It was last night's Banshee episode. :-(

    Now that is a great song to wake up to. :-)

  6. I haven't heard that song in a long time. Thanks for posting it. Have a great weekend.

  7. I desperately needed this dance to warm up. It was 12 degrees last night.

  8. Greetings from Flagstaff, where things are very quiet and no music and quite peaceful.

    1. so why in hell are you playing with your electronic toy?

      "there's work to be done!"

  9. Yoooo!

    Yoooo here 45 minutes early.