Thursday, September 6, 2018

Thursday Dance Party Cause It's Mah Birfday (again)!

This is how I am feeling right now.

Dance like no one's watching.

Sing like no one's listening.

AND AND AND today is my 64th birfday.  It was Labor Day 1954; my egg donor labored and gave birth to me at 10:30a, 6.5 pounds.  WTF happened?  :)

To see some other people who share my day, go here.

So what am I doing to celebrate?

At some point, spouse will take me out for cock-a-tails (a nod to the Mistress) and a seafood dinner.

Wish we could get away someplace, but no money stops us.

So let's turn on the disco ball, shake those jahoobies, and move those asses instead!  Who's with me?

First up (just because):

Now shake dat ass!


  1. Lord, you are making me daaaaaance!!
    Happy Happy AM!


  2. Happy birthday to you and your jahoobies, Anne Marie! Dance on, girl!

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope your special day is a great one.

  4. Another one? Didn't you just have one of these a year ago? Really, Carebear, just another excuse to shake a jahoobie or two! Enjoy.

  5. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday. As you get older, you will discover more and more joy in telling idiots to either shut up or go to hell. Try it! It's so much fun!!! Age is a blessing!!

  6. Happy escape from the birth canal day! If you can’t go away, party so hard everyone will wish you had! He he he!

    Best wishes for a fabulous year!



  7. Wishing you again, W.Q. (but it can't be overdone!) Everything else has been said.....elsewhere. ;-)

  8. it's about time the party move here. the houseboys are spent, and we're out of hootch. the mistress will be sorry she missed this party. happiest...and many returns.

  9. Happy birthday, dear anne marie! Same year, different day. I was a Father's Day gift, according to my mother. My father's response, "Yeah, and she forgot to keep the receipt!" I can't believe you have the same birthday as Emanuel van Meteren! What a source of pride... or trivia.

  10. Love me some Talking Heads!!!

    Happy Birthday Anne Marie. So glad that our paths in the great big world. Love your fighting spirit and your dedication to not letting anyone else convince you that your value is less than the wonderful person you are!

  11. I hope it was great - just like you.
    JP x

  12. THANK YOU ALL for your lovely thoughts! you make me feel special!

  13. Happy Birthday! I will be 72 on Sept 11.

  14. Happy Birthday (a couple of day late - sorry I will try to be better next year.) Wonderful sound track.

  15. As always I am the last of the conga line to join and wish you many many happy returns may this next year be your best one yet !!!

  16. keep the good vibrations coming, all y'all!

  17. Happy birthday week! WooHoo we loves you !
    Smooch, smooch, smmooooch!

    1. love you too, fearsome! wish you were here to deliver those smooches in person!

  18. Happy (belated) birthday my dear!!! :-)

  19. Hey, I'll take 64 any day--I was 75 in July--amazing considering I've done nothing to prepare for it!
    Loved the singing with McCartney - he and I made a really fine sound, here in my den !