Saturday, February 1, 2020

Saturday Night Contest Party!

To celebrate a new month of hijinks, bullshit, and more outright lies from Washington DC, I am having a CONTEST!






All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me why you want to win/should win/must win the prize!

And just what is this prize, you might be asking yourself?

It's a special, one-of-a-kind, piece of artwork handmade by me.  The yarn in this shawl came from Spain (hi Mitchell & Jerry!), but they did not send me the yarn.  I bought it over 4 years ago from a store in Maryland.

I had to fold the shawl in half to take the picture.  Below is the detail.

Now get creative!  Let's have some music for inspiration:


  1. This should be mine because no one will look as fierce wearing it as the one and only Sassybear. (Drops mike and walks away.)

    (Runs back and picks up mike.) Also, as an inspiring knitter, this could serve as a muse-like token of skill that will inspire me to continue picking up my needles and trying, no matter how awful I am at it, to knit with some level of success.

    Finally, as the first person to care enough to post a comment in the hopes of winning this, I think it’s clear I am most passionate about obtaining it.

  2. Oooh, that's pretty! It makes me want to have another baby boy! That is not an easy feat, considering I'm fast approaching 64 and wasn't maternal the first time around! I am a proud owner of two pieces of Carebear art so I want to add to my collection :) Or, send me that chair!

  3. Well, for the most obvious reason of all, it co-ordinates perfectly with the wall color in my writing room.

  4. Oh, wow! I must win that. It would be nice to wear something like that while working in the home office. I'm not sure how my team would handle it if I decided to wear it on camera, though.

    That looks amazing. Whoever wins it would be the envy of the blogging block.

  5. Here's my pitch. In the winter, My Rare One sometimes finds my place chilly while watching TV. I have a fleece lap blanket for her to use, but this shawl would help keep her upper half warm.

  6. First year .... fucking Cher, man!

    Second thing, thanks for the b'day card and the giggle.

    Third thing,I deserve,want, should win because I look fabulous in a shawl and I could rock it in a rocker on my front porch! And it's blue, the color of my vote!

  7. I've never owned a shawl and though I've lusted after them, my knitting skills haven't progressed to the large garment phase yet! That's why I should win! And I would cherish it all the more since the yarn came from Mitchell and San Geraldo in Spain. 😊

    Thank you for a fun entry, no matter who wins!

  8. What a beautiful craft you have! I though the Mistress was always pulling my leg about you knitting him a warmer for his bits. And I don't know about anyone else, but early Cher is so much better then new Cher music.

  9. Well I have this sheep, who gets cold, and that looks nice and warm, and would remind the sheep of home. HAVE FUN THIS WEEK>

  10. Cher! I just rewatched Burlesque because I love Cher in any of her shapes or forms. Now, on to the shawl: I should win because I think that things that are handmade are awesome. Really.
    I don’t know if I could wear it, but I have been known to wear all kinds people tell me I should not wear so what the hell. Give me it.


  11. That s a beautiful color and beautiful craftspersonship. Although I am very deserving and San Geraldo would proudly wear that over his head wherever we go, please award it to someone else. I’d hate for the yarn to have to come back to Spain. And the cats would immediately steal it!

  12. Love how incredibly creative you are and how you use your creativity to shower others with love. You, my friend, are an amazing woman!

  13. I don't think I should win but I wanted to comment. I have a wonderful blessed life with many abundances including financial freedom. I would like someone to have it who will truly appreciate it, or who has never had one. Now, if you were giving away a man, that would be different. RJJS

    1. if I had a man, I'd keep him for myself, selfish bitch that I am! :)

  14. Just posting to let you know I'm here and okay, W.Q. - in case you thought otherwise, or noticed an absence. (I'll let others vie to win your comp).
    Have a fine week ahead.

  15. I ask not for myself but for my child, Phil (the cat). He is freezing and stays under the comforter all day and night in the chilly months.

    (I could be on "Queen For A Day".)

  16. Since i own one of your lovely creations already and with such nice colors...ill let you give a chance to another lucky recipient. The blue is lovely.

  17. Anne, that's a beautiful shawl you've created, but I'm not here to win a prize, I'm just here to say hello.

  18. THANK YOU for all the compliments and creative comments!

    the drawing will be held at the end of the month; some people have not yet had a chance to put in their bid.