Saturday, June 6, 2020

Saturday Night #BlackLivesMatter Protest Party! (Part 1)

This is how I am feeling right now.

In memory of George Floyd.

"Keep believing. Keep marching. Keep building. Keep raising your voice. Every generation has the opportunity to remake the world.” - Barack Obama, July 2018

Homegirl, so RECOGNIZE!

Homeboyz, so RECOGNIZE!

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  1. Yes, THIS is how the late and lovely George's name should be celebrated, not invoked in stomach-churningly disrespectful manner by someone whom we've long come expect is incapable of thinking beyond "ME! ME! ME!"
    Let's all first take a knee - and then get up and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!

    Have a glorious, safe w/e, you and everybody there, W.Q.

  2. That Marian Anderson piece was a sweet bit. Did you notice how uncomfortable many of those white folks seemed to be? Of course, that's what you expect from Old White Republicans.

  3. Staple Singers! Mavis Staples! Yes, ma'am!

    Have a faboosh weekend AM!

  4. Trump wanted to bring in paratroopers! "Thousands and thousands". What a sad fucking day in what is left of the US.

  5. We need to funnel all of this energy into the biggest voter turnout in history, vote all of MFs out, bring in leaders will lead change.

  6. Oh yes, Ma’m. This is what you DO!
    Aretha, always and forever.


  7. Boy Mavis Staples and the singer's hands down. But don't feel much like dancing. Off to check the link.Thanks for this tribute.

  8. “No justice, no peace!”!!!!

    Was down in Philly today with two good friends of color. Wow!!! What support and turn out. People are pissed, and thats good. Change. And this post brings it home further honey. I love me some Mavis Staples too. We could use some Sister Rosette Tharpe as well.

  9. Powerful collection, girl! Woo-hoo. Stand up. Be counted. Thanks for this. I needed it. :) Some uplifting. Have a great weekend.

  10. Now this is quite a ole and heartfelt tribute to the cause of the day. We would have loved to have gone done, we with William and I being ancient old fossils, we would have need motorized chairs! I was over at the Mistress's and told her we saw coverage, and we also par took of a lunch out for the first time at a outdoor café, but we asked for it to go as we saw way to many people coming in and no mask wearing. Very disappointing. Needless to say we won't be patronizing them anymore if they can't be responsible. I know people are pent up and have angst to get out, but this is not going to go well.

    1. I hear ya, girl. spouse and I would need the same chairs.

      masks are STILL important, and we don't have to sit amongst the ignorants that refuse to keep safe. take out is the way to go for now.

  11. What a line up! RJJS

  12. What a great lineup! I'm not in a dancing mood, but it's always wonderful to listen to great music. Hope you had a great weekend despite what's happening all around us.

  13. What a great lineup. Woo, child...🎶💔

  14. Loved this party. Only made better by a little Marvin and Mavis.
    Our favorite right before bed Saturday night ritual. Thanks Anne Marie♥

  15. This week I am quite late for the Saturday party; I will just tidy up