Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter Vacation (via Jeep Guy)

Sean posts one of these here TMI's every week.  So I'mma gonna post MY answers right here.

1. What is your favorite winter clothing item or outfit? my purple gloves
2. Do you have plans for a winter vacation? When and where? no

3. Do you have a climate preference? I'd like 70 degrees and dry all year round please

4. What do you like to do on your winter vacations? since I don't take one, it's a moot point

5. Do you unpack your suitcase or live out of it? Are there any items you never unpack? unpack if longer than 2 days; no to part 2

6. Essentials for an extra "fun" weekend? Would you take them through airport security? laptop for free porn; I don't fly

Last, Best, Worst or most fun vacation sex. Details. Details, Details. I respectfully take the 5th amendment as the evidence may incriminate me.


  1. #3 - I'm with you on the temp - 70F is just about the optimum. But dry all the year round? Don't you like the pleasure of turning your face up to the sky and feel warm rain washing down on it? Very satisfying. (Or is that just too kinky?)

    1. oh, sorry. by "dry" I meant to say "low humidity". rain is nice.

      what should father xmoose bring you this year? smooches! :)

    2. Thanks for asking, A.M. - but can I have a (human) bear, please? - one with hair absolutely EVERYWHERE! Ta. You're SO kind! :-)

    3. cheese louise, you don't want much, do ya? ;-)

      I wish I could recommend someone like that. I too like 'em hairy and beary.

      it's like spouse's BFF said this past weekend: all the boyz I like are either married or live too far away. he was admiring some of my blog followers pix. rob (or his alter ego janey) is a 6'2" blond italian, age 53, a top, a college professor.

      what do your pussies want santa cat to bring?

    4. They want ME to get my wish. So kind and understanding.

      But I want for them a year ahead of health and get-on-togetherness. One of the downsides of any of them getting ill or injured is the damn cost to me. Wish our ('Communist-inspired') National Health Service gave them free treatment too.

    5. all animal companions deserve national health care! :)

      snorgle them for me, please!

  2. Thank you, AM, for that flattering description! But just to clarify for you and your bear-loving followers: I am as smooth as a baby's ass! But what I lack in body hair I make up for with my cock and balls.

    Anyone need their stocking stuffed? :-)

  3. So your answer to "fun" weekend isn't incriminating? What kind of porn? VERY specifically please.

    1. porn - 2 beary hairy guys getting it on! slings, fisting, toys, etc.

      regarding the bonus, as dr. spo always says, "lest my family may be reading". I could e-mail you privately, if you want.