Sunday, January 21, 2018

Have You Ever (or Never)...

...looked to the right of this here blog?

Yeah, scroll down a bit.

THERE! What do you see?

Underneath the artwork is a list of fellow bloggers. Intelligent people all, some male, some female, some gay, some str8...all walking the same path as the rest of us.

Have YOU ever checked out any of these links? If not, WHY THE HELL NOT?

One of my newest finds is "My Secret Life", a newly-divorced man on his journey to find himself. 

Then there is "Can We Have a New Witch Ours Melted"; snarky, funny, lusty writings of a woman in TX.

Or check out "The Gods Are Bored", musings from a NJ middle school teacher.

Or "Riding On", a guy and his dogs and his bike living a middle-class life.

Ya know what you WON'T find? Drama queen quentins, negative nancys, debbie downers, constant complainers, total morons. Ain't NO ONE got time for that shit. Unless you're a masochist.

So go on a linky-luv...or might find a new friend.


  1. I've already commented on at least one.

  2. Thanks for the tag, Anne Marie.
    Hey y'all, do as she says, check out the other blogs. You won't be disappointed.

  3. I'm browsing as we speak. Thanks for the new reading material, AM!

  4. Great minds. I already follow many of these, but definitely going to check out the others. Thanks for pointing them out.

  5. I am only a sometimes moron; although I try to be a drama queen all I ever achieve is being a nuisance.

  6. It's some time (okay, years!) since I last did it, W.Q., but you've given my conscience a prick. Need I say more?

  7. I hope everyone found at least one new friend, if not more!

  8. Thank you for the shout out! It is always good to find new friends!