Monday, December 24, 2018

Brain Puke XX

Look out blogger friends, I'mma gonna hurl!

Let's get some things off the jahoobies, shall we?  Tis Festivus; time for the Airing of Grievances!  Yes, I stole that from Ravager619!

First up, a holiday delight from Mistress Maddie.  She is a sweet treat unto herself, but:

Wonder what's in here?

The home baked sand tart cookies are almost gone; they are so fucking addictive!  Gurl sure can cook!  The stollen will be served on xmess morning with (unspiked) eggnog & coffee.  Maddie gurl, you are too too much!  Love ya!

Next up, from spouse's brother & SIL:

This is as far as my decorating got:

Better than nothing.  And look, no white stuff outside! 

The girls are taking everything in stride:

Miss Gigi loves her (homo depot) cardboard box.  See what I did there, Dave?

Miss Nyla loves her daddy's new chair.

Miss Oreo loves to keep watch over her humans.

Now onto some knitting:

This blankie is for my boss and his wife; a new baby boy is coming in March.

This xmess tree skirt is for Michael.  I offered to knit him a tree skirt for xmess 2019.  This item has 18 triangles; 3 are finished.  Oy!

January 3 can't come soon enough.  Neither can more Mueller subpoenas/indictments!

(Drama) Queen Quentin needs a kick in the ass; so many first world problems he has (bird poop on his car, the mail carrier didn't say "good morning" to him, etc.).  I'd like to see him trade places with a refugee child in a cage in Texas.

To the bitchcunts standing in the aisles of the grocery store yadda yadda-ing this morning, GTFO my way!  Go yadda yadda somewhere else; I got other things to do than listen to you!

Bobdammit, ENOUGH with the fucking cellphones!  Pay the fuck attention to your driving, your shopping, your work, etc.  To whomever invented that POS, FUCK YOU!

Wonder what 2019's gonna bring?


  1. Hopefully, '19 will bring lots of good news.

  2. Nice prezzies! And the girls all look so happy and contented. Enjoy the holidays at your house!

  3. Makes mental note. Take AM with me grocery shopping.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    I had the feeling that Maddie was a sweet treat the looks of his pictures, wink wink. And your handi craft is stunning. You got talent Anne Marie. And what exactly is a jahoobie?

  5. Love the kitties and the knitting! Maddie has such a generous spirit. I'll be happy when all of this celebratory crap is over. I keep forgetting stores are closed!

  6. Love the giftage.
    Our local bakery makes the best Stollen;god,my mouth is watering.
    Your talents, as always, are impressive, as are your furry feline family!

    Merry Merry AM!

  7. Love the kitties and the knitting. Very talented lady 💜

    A very merry Christmas Anne Marie and a healthy happy, Trump free new year.

  8. Why Anne Marie, I am so proud of you! Homo Depot! In case you didn't know, we are one of the 'model' companies when it comes to diversity, no matter what your gender or gender preference, no matter what your color, or religion, size, or weight, or height, we got an apron that will fit you and make you feel at home. Merry, Merry Christmas!!

    1. I learned about "homo depot" from blobby's blog. more companies should be like yours.

  9. hohoho
    Happy Christmas to you all !

  10. Happy Holidays from your Hairsute Homos,

    S & J

  11. Santa brought me my only wish this year ... a brain hurl from Warrior Queen! :)

    ~ Freckles

    1. GURL! where the hell have you been? it's been too damn long since I have seen you!

  12. Happy holidays, dear. Love the gifts!

  13. Cats and boxes: they'll be together!
    Beautiful images!
    Happy Christmas!

  14. I believe January will bring the first of many indictments. I hope some of them include The Orange Skidmark's spawn. I especially can't wait to see that smirk from Trumpito's face disappear.

  15. And a merry fucking Christmas! The gifts, food, and hand creations are nice though!

  16. I love your xmess spirit!! Ho ho ho mofo!!

  17. Feel better now? 2019 will bring lots of frustration for the mango menace.