Monday, August 6, 2012

I Promised You More Bullshit...

100 things about me

1.                  I am a true Virgo: perfectionist, detail oriented, loyal, and intelligent.

2.                  I was born and raised Philadelphian, and am damn proud of it.

3.                  I went to catholic schools for 16 years; talk about being screwed up for life!

4.                  I have one younger sister; no brothers.

5.                  I have 2 college degrees, and have never used either of them on a job.

6.                  I never watch tv; rots the mind.

7.                  I like to read REAL (not electronic) books; I try to read at least 10 per year.  And no trash – travel, (auto) biography, history, knitting.

8.                  I like to listen to music – all types except (c)rap and religious.

9.                  I haven’t been on an airplane since 1990.

10.              I like my current job.

11.              I lived in washington dc for 20 years, where I wrote computer manuals for the federal guv’mint.

12.              Baseball is my favorite sport; I listen to all the Phillies games on the radio.

13.              I founded and run my own knitting group; we meet monthly.

14.              This is harder than it looks.

15.              My favorite colors are in the red/pink/purple family.

16.              I received professional psychotherapy twice; it really helped me.

17.              The person that had the most influence on my life was my maternal grandmother.

18.              I have a chemical allergy; I cannot be around flowers that smell, or common cleaners like Windex, or perfume.

19.              I like Chinese, Italian, Thai, Mexican, Indian food.

20.              I also like seafood and good NC BBQ.

21.              I adore chocolate (just like any woman).

22.              I have never had a child/been pregnant.

23.              I have allergies; I carry a box of tissues around all year.

24.              I had my first boyfriend at age 19.

25.              I married my first husband in 1982; I was 27 and stupid.

26.              I divorced him in 1991; he lives in Oregon now.

27.              I married my second husband in 1992; I was 38 and still stupid.

28.              I have only had one true love in my life.

29.              My true love died in 2002.

30.              I can be a comedian, a sarcastic bitch, a caring person (but not all at the same time).

31.              I know that my IQ is over 130.

32.              Consequently, most people cannot keep up with me.

33.              I hate routine; doing the same thing over and over again bores the piss out of me.

34.              Sometimes I like living life on the fly – no plans, no goals.

35.              I have never had a long-term friendship with anyone.

36.              My favorite painter is Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

37.              I am not a technogeek.

38.              I have no use for flat-screen tvs, ipods, blackberries, etc.

39.              I do not bring my job home with me.

40.              I do not hang out with my co-workers after hours.

41.              I am a minimalist; I do not let possessions define me.

42.              I do not like extreme cold or extreme heat; my ideal climate is 70 degrees with low humidity all year round.

43.              I am claustrophobic.

44.              I have a fear of heights.

45.              I have a fear of water.

46.              Damn, this isn’t getting any easier.

47.              At a function where I know no one, I tend to stay on the perimeter, listening to conversations and people watching.

48.              I hate shopping malls.

49.              I hate makeup.

50.              I hate shoes, furs, jewelry, and idle gossip.

51.              I am not a typical woman!

52.              My favorite pizza is Hawaiian style (pineapple, ham, bacon, and extra cheese).

53.              I try to avoid going to a doctor unless I have to.

54.              I am a 23 year cancer survivor.

55.              Not everyone gets a second chance at life; I am lucky indeed.

56.              I intend to live to 100; my relatives lived into their 90s, so I have a good shot!

57.              I tend to watch comedy movies; some I have watched so many times that I can quote lines freely!

58.              My favorite tv show of all time is “Mystery Science Theater 3000”.

59.              My favorite comedy team of all time is “The Three Stooges”.

60.              I like to listen to the birds sing.

61.              Silence is a wonderful sound!

62.              I know I have a tendency to be selfish.

63.              My favorite cheese is Swiss.

64.              I can bake from scratch (cakes, brownies, corn bread).

65.              I like making my own bread with my breadmaker.

66.              Cleaning the bathroom is my most hated chore.

67.              I have 2 cats; they are my sanity lifeline.

68.              I do not suffer fools gladly; I wish they would die!

69.              I don’t give a damn about what the celebrity-of-the-moment is doing.

70.              I have blue-gray eyes.

71.              I wear glasses when I drive my car.

72.              I have been using hair dye since I was in my 20s.

73.              I am through with menopause.

74.              It was hell while it lasted.

75.              Can I go home when I finish this list?

76.              My thought patterns sometimes remind me of Robin Williams – free association, say what pops into the head at that moment.

77.              I have quit several jobs after only 3 weeks; I knew they weren’t a good fit for me.

78.              I have a friend do my taxes every year.

79.              I do not like being around sick people.

80.              I would love to have dinner and conversation with Eleanor Roosevelt.

81.              Fantasy baseball for me is having Chase Utley and Cole Hamels in my bed at the same time.  They bring the bats and balls, and I...

82.              I try to take at least one train trip a year.

83.              My current favorite vacation place is the Hudson River Valley in New York State.

84.              I would like to visit Aruba sometime.

85.              I would like to visit Bermuda sometime.

86.              When I was 15, I went to Europe with my high school.

87.              Switzerland is a beautiful country.

88.              And their chocolate is fabulous (see Toblerone or Lindt)!

89.              I can’t believe I am almost finished!

90.              I cannot be without sunshine for more than 2 days.

91.              Winter is a depressing time of year.

92.              I hate the winter holiday season.

93.              Most times I like being by myself with the cats for company.

94.              I live in a single-family house; this house has a sunporch; I like to knit and listen to the baseball game on this porch whilst the cats sleep in the sun patches.

95.              I like to sing in my car whilst I drive.

96.              My heritage is British (father’s side), Czech and Austrian (mother’s side).

97.              I consider Chicago my second home.

98.              I yell at the radio when I listen to the ball game.

99.              My favorite tree is a Japanese red maple.

100.          Summer fruits (topped with vanilla yogurt) make a wonderful salad.


  1. True Virgo here too, 26th - When?

  2. "I do not suffer fools gladly; I wish they would die!" Ummm, maybe we should rethink your planned visit, since I may be the biggest fool on the planet. Will you make an exception for me?

    1. YOU are not a fool, dear one. I am thinking of people like sarah (mama grizzly) palin, for starters. and the list goes on and on and on to infinity and beyond! :)

  3. Am I considered a summer fruit since I was born in July??? I do like to be topped...

    1. jaysus, kelly! I wasn't expecting THAT one! I just snorted diet coke!

      and I don't think I could EVER top you! smooches!

  4. Well, at least we have something in common (in addition to our both being pussy-lovers) - #73! Though it seems I haven't quite managed to shake off that regular 'time of the month' feeling. Have you?

    1. Oh yes, there's another one. Here speaks one more of the many damaged victims of hard-line Roman Catholic child-indoctrination. And to think I actually believed all that mullarky until my mid-20s! But then I saw the light - HALLELUJAH!

    2. yeah, the "time o da month" is long past. I like kicking ass every day I wake up alive!

    3. when I moved out of my parents house in 1977 (I was 23), the first thing that went out the door was religion; I have never regretted that decision, esp. now with all the molestations coming into view. evil, pure and simple.

      the second thing that went out the door was all my underwear! freedom from confining garments! :)

    4. Your last revelation is very....well....'REVEALING'. If it was (presumably) good enough for Queen Victoria to be crowned while wearing no undies it's surely good enough for you.
      Were you aware that female underwear became 'de rigueur' only AFTER men started trussing up their own parts in unhealthy wrappings? Of course most people know that the reason that the lower male pudenda are located external to the main body is to keep them at a lower temperature than the trunk. So it's rather self-defeating and even 'unnatural' to wrap them in extraneous layers. I say "Let it all go hang!" (P.S. I'm wearing nothing under my shorts as I write this - but don't tell anybody.)
      But female underwear would have been almost impossible in times of yore. It must have been bad enough, when wanting to have a wee, to have to negotiate, every time, all those farthingales etc. But even today the question remains the same - "What is underwear for?"

    5. very interesting trivia there, dear!

      freeball every day!

  5. I Hate Idle Gossip Too!
    Just Give Me The Juicy Stuff!

    1. I don't even want that! I just don't give a fuck about anyone else's problems. it's sometimes a struggle just for me to get thru MY day.

  6. And all of this from the woman who didn't have a message to the world!

    1. I still don't think I have a message...but it seems my boyfriends are just LOVING this experiment so that alone makes me wanna continue!

  7. This list could only be composed by a Virgo.

    1. damn str8 (or gay)! welcome to my world, dear spo!

  8. Wow! Thanks for sharing. You forgot to say "I like Ron even though he does express his opinion occasionally." Thanks for sticking with me Anne Marie. You're a good friend. That's how I can tell good friends from non-friends, they don't run for the hills once I express an opinion they disagree with. I sense that you're the same way, you've lost friends who have tried to control you and have failed.

    Very interesting list my dear, I will have to reread it several times to properly digest it. :)

    1. "you've lost friends who have tried to control you and have failed."

      yep; NO ONE can control me, not even my spouse. he knows this and has accepted it. and after 20 years together...

      read the list as many times as you want, hon.