Sunday, August 5, 2012

Just Who IS This Upstart Blogger Anyway?

Well, the only way youse guys are gonna get to know me is for me to put out (heh heh heh, I said "put out") some details.

Hopefully your heads won't assplode. ;-)

7 Things That Scare Me
1. heights
2. airplanes
3. religion
4. water
5. guns
6. neoconservatives
7. dentists

7 Things I Like
1. chocolate
2. music
3. cats
4. trains
5. baseball
6. books
7. knitting

7 Things I Despise
1. xenophobia
2. homophobia
3. crass consumerism
4. hunger
5. poverty
6. war
7. jingoism

7 Things In My Room
1. desk
2. books
3. lamp
4. night table
5. bed (duh)
6. fan
7. bookcase

7 Things About Me
1. I am a 23 year cancer survivor
2. I have led my own knitting group for 7 years
3. I am a true Virgo: perfectionist, detail oriented, loyal, intelligent
4. I was born and raised Philadelphian, and am damn proud of it
5. I went to catholic schools for 16 years; talk about being screwed up for life
6. I have 2 college degrees, and have never used either of them on a job
7. I never watch tv; rots the mind

7 Things To Do Before I Die
1. make it to age 100
2. visit the 10 states I have yet to visit
3. take the train from toronto to vancouver canada
4. design a knitted item and sell the design to others
5. meet some interesting blogger friends
6. be debt free
7. do more train travel

7 Things I Can Do
1. knit
2. read
3. do my job well
4. be a good cat mommy
5. bake a cake
6. lead my knitting group
7. listen to others

7 Things I Can’t Do
1. fix anything
2. cook a gourmet meal
3. forget past wrongs done to me
4. dance well
5. stay asleep for more than 4 hours a stretch
6. drive a stick-shift car
7. make friends easily

7 Favorite Movies
1. blazing saddles
2. gone with the wind
3. groundhog day
4. harold and maude
5. send me no flowers
6. an american in paris
7. moulin rouge (the original)

7 Things I Say Often
1. fuck
2. shit
3. dammit dammit dammit
4. fuckin’ a!
5. damn str8 (or gay)
6. fer sure
7. far out

Watch this space for more bullshit! (sings "I gotta be me")


  1. AWESOME!!!! you are off to a good start blogging!!

    1. smooches! I think YOU know these things about me, but many of my new readers/posters don't know a damn thing about this chick!

      so they will either read and comment, or get nauseated and split! :)

  2. I may have to do this one myself - it's been a while.

    BTW - Added you to my blogroll.

  3. Goodness me! That's an awful lot to get one's head around. (As the actress said to the bishop!)

    Couple of the things that jump out the furthest:-
    Favourite movies - GWTW your #2. It's second on my list too - though I won't bore you by listing the others. But your choice here is (further) clear evidence of your being an astute person with taste!

    Was going to say that I've never heard of 'Send Me No Flowers' but, having looked it up, I see it's a Doris Hudson film. So almost certainly HAVE seen it but must look for it again. (However, I see also see that it's directed by one of my all-time WORST directors, that Norman Jewison. Perhaps he excelled himself and made a 'goodie'.)

    #3 on your 'Things I can't do'. People say "I can forgive but I don't forget." I can't even do the first part, but wish like anything that I could. If someone crosses me or betrays my trust, that's it! I may try to put on a brave face of pretending that it's behind me but it's a worm introduced into the mind that then resides there forever. I take it you feel much the same way. (I'm always wondering if anything that I myself have done towards others has this same non-forgiving effect on them as it would have on me.)

    'Knitting' is a major part of your life which I hadn't been aware of - but 'NO TV'? Congratulations on at least the second one. Although not a great TV watcher, I'd find it difficult to live without it - though it would be IMPOSSIBLE to live without a radio!

    And, although I already knew it, you're yet another ailourophile. (Always a useful word. You never know when...!) Anyway, that gives me the green light to post my next pussy-blog!

    1. "That's an awful lot to get one's head around" - oh I could think of so many double entendres here...

      "But your choice here is (further) clear evidence of your being an astute person with taste!" - thank you sweetie! MWAH!

      "Perhaps he excelled himself and made a 'goodie'" - oh, this IS a good movie! paul lynde and rock hudson must have had a helluva time drinking on the set!

      "If someone crosses me or betrays my trust, that's it!" - after being screwed over too many times to count, I now have the 'take no prisoners' attitude. and I don't give a fat rat's ass what others think of me; you either like me or hate me, so be it.

      "it would be IMPOSSIBLE to live without a radio!" - YES!!!!!eleventy!!!!!

      I look forward to seeing your pussies again!

    2. Now I've just GOT to track down that film - but it doesn't ring any bells at all with me. Undoubtedly a treat in store!

      Wish I didn't care what others think of me, A.M. It's like permanently being in shackles and dictates practically all you do and say, at least to others - but I'm sure that you've been through that stage too. Maybe I lack your life's experiences and need to be 'screwed over' more times before it can happen.

      And, yes, RADIO RULES!

      (Watch out, my pussies are going to be exposed yet again. I've told them that you are waiting.)

    3. yep, I went thru that stage for 40 years. after getting cancer and 4 years of psychotherapy, I finally realized that I AM FABULOUS and fuck anyone who doesn't think so!

      and the older I get, the more my "fuck you, I'm fabulous" persona shines! :)

    4. I'll clearly just have to start practising, and using you as my 'model'!

    5. awwwwwwwwww, I have never been a role model for anyone before!

  4. Loving the list. Lays it all out there, and fabulously so!

    Welcome to the blogosphere.
    I'm listening, er, reading.

    1. thank you, dear! I really like your blog; I may not leave a comment often enough, but I do read it! :)

  5. Not so sure about Can't Do #7, you seem to have a bunch of friends here!

    1. well, yes, my boyfriends all love me and they are a FABULOUS bunch!

      but in real life, friends just fuck me over; I guess I look like a doormat to them. I have never had a permanent, long-term friend; spouse has a BFF he met in college in 1977 and they are STILL BFFs!

      so I accept my long-term friendless life and bask in the love of my cats and blogger boyfriends.