Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday Night Dance Party!

This is how I am feeling right now.

Dance like no one's watching.

Sing like no one's listening.

"Rock Steady" - yeah man!  Move those hips!  Shake that ass!


  1. Didn't know this one at all - and can hardly remember the group. A little research tells me that this number was their 3rd 'biggest' hit in the U.K., reaching the dizzy heights of #38 in '87. Still, it has one of those infectious bass rhythm 'markers' that makes it easy to dance to - and which I'd do if only it wasn't for fear of putting something out of joint!

    1. oh go ahead and shake your arse; nothing that can't be popped back into place later! :)

      in the US, this was the whispers only hit record.

      smooches from across the pond!

  2. Rockin steady here in Palm Springs!
    I remember the tune well, used to use it in my aerobics classes back when I was an instructor. Good memories! Off to breakfast with Spo, almost as special as meeting you, shhhhh don't tell Spo! ;-)

    1. you taught aerobics? WOW, I did not know that! I would like to "rock steady" with you, but not in THAT way! :)

      breakfast with spo and someone; how fucking lucky can you get!

      here at 1p it's 53 degrees, very sunny; I just came back from the gym/bank/market. a little rest before I begin laundry/vacuuming/baking a key lime pie.