Saturday, January 19, 2013

Brain Puke X

Lots o shit swirling around in the toilet bowl that is my brain. Let's capture some of it here.

Inauguration Day 2012 - not as exciting as last time, but historic nonetheless.  Suck it, redumblicans!

(said in an Andy Rooney voice) Didja ever just wanna smack stupid people over the head with a sledgehammer?

How come no one has ever been employed to write instruction manuals for jigsaw puzzles?
(courtesy of spouse)

I got an end-of-year bonus at work yesterday!  Consequently, I can now pay a couple of bills and buy groceries!

It was 50 degrees and sunny here today; I turned off the heat and did a couple things outside in a t-shirt and slacks, no jacket required.  And if you know who sang what album I just referenced, 50 points for you!

Of course, it's supposed to drop below freezing (32F, 0C) next week...and that's for daytime HIGHS!  Fffffuuuucccckkkk!

Our local white tail deer tribe has been eating my birdseed; WTF are the birds and squirrels supposed to do?

Less than 30 days til baseball season starts!

Been going to the gym for 18 months now.  I consider it my personal "playtime", cause it's FUN!

We are going to see the Bacon Brothers (Kevin & Michael) in concert in May!  And since they are Philly boys...WELCOME HOME!

NY State white cheddar cheese infused with sun-dried tomato and basil on a cracker is dee-lish!

Saturday night's alright for fightin' (50 more points!), but I would rather get a buzz on at home.  (goes to raid the booze closet)

The cats have already had their plate of catnip.  And the spouse has his beer.

Work has eased up a bit.  And as long as I keep one co-irker at arm's length, it's not too bad.

Time to gather the 2012 tax shit for my preparer; I've been using the same person for 20 years now.

29 years ago today, Madonna's Like A Virgin was #1 on the charts.  Yeah, right; she was no virgin when she recorded that.  And neither was I.

I need a haircut.

I'mma gonna bake some beer bread tomorrow for spouse to take to a party on Monday.  I have not baked since before xmess.

Today was supposed to be something called "gun appreciation day".  Yeah.  (crickets)

How would pink lemonade taste with a bit o vodka?

Tomorrow's dinner - baked parmesan-n-panko crusted tilapia with baked potatoes.

I just got a scathingly brilliant idea for a new post!  Hope you'll play along!


  1. Keep up those gym visits. Now that they're fun, you'll make great progress. That's what exercise is for me now, fun. When it's work, it doesn't work.

    1. I NEVER thought I would like to exercise. but my trainers make it interesting, they push me to work my fat ass, and they believe in me. without them, I would not go on my own. but, since I AM paying them AND I have set appointment times for their services, I go.

      it keeps the arthritis at bay. and I am beginning to see some muscles, like my biceps.

  2. I think pink lemonade and vodka would be great on a hot summer day.

    1. well, it WAS kinda warm here today, so...raise your glass! smooches!

  3. I think Phil Collins did a solo album called "No Jacket Required."

    1. ding ding ding! 50 points to "the frozen chosen"! smooches!

  4. Two months til I see you again. Yay!!