Monday, January 21, 2013

YO Sassybear's Mad Libs Philly-Style YO

Once upon a time, there were two (streptococci) who liked to (spew) the (marzipan).

One day, they visited (subspace).  “Look at all the (lusterless) (nipple rings) here!” said the first.

The next day, they went grocery shopping.  “I can’t (kerplunk) the (lap) (sparingly) here!” said the second.

As they drove home, they (salivated) a (kinky) (bottom).

And their car went (kershplat), requiring them to pull over and wait for a (proctologist) to provide roadside assistance.

When they arrived home, they (swallowed) an (improbable) (paddle) (loudly) and partied all night long.  Then they (regurgitated) in each other’s (pancreas).

The end.


  1. This is the 'learned' one (I actually had to refer to the dictionary at one point. I won't say which) - as well as winning the prize for being the most bizarre of all. ( And including another 'pancreas', I can't help noticing.)

    All that typing must have worn you out, A.M. Thank you very much for your trouble. Now you deserve to sit down, put your feet up - and do a bit of pussy-stroking.

    1. this was SO much fun, I think I'll do it again!

      and it's NOT as much typing as you might think; I know my way around MS Word.

      it's currently 4a here tuesday morning and I have no idea where my pussies are. but I can stroke them (it) anytime I want! :)