Saturday, February 9, 2013

Brain Puke XI

Lots o shit swirling around in the toilet bowl that is my brain. Let's capture some of it here.

I need some karma/good vibrations for two friends currently without heat/hot water in their homes.  One is in Boston and the other is in Ohio.  They cannot go to a hotel since they both have pets.

We had 1 inch of snow last night.  Meh.

Baseball season starts in 3 days, for which I am eternally grateful.

There will ALWAYS be yarn for me to knit into works of art.

Beer bread and chocolate cake are currently cooling on my kitchen counter.  (oooooh, alliteration!)

Why does fiber make you fart?

I saw a bunny yesterday in my backyard!  No, it was not the easter bunny.  Nor was it Harvey.

So where is this early spring, mr. groundhog?

I am meeting up with Ron on 3/5 for the Philly Flower Show!

My wind chimes are making pleasant music in response to the breeze.

Didja ever have to something you didn't wanna do?

My SAD got so bad this week I had to pop a few anti-depressants.  Today the sun is out; guess what - no anti-depressant!

Is it just me, or have the h8ers grown in number and volume the last few months?

Beyonce can crawl back under a rock any day now; her 15 minutes are soooooooooooooo over!

Comfort food - tomato soup with elbow macaroni!

So the USPS is going to end Saturday mail delivery in August.  Meh.  No big deal.

Abs and shoulders at the gym today; damn, those weights are not getting any lighter!

And now for something completely different:



  1. 1) OOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! OK, that's all the karma I've got right now, but I'm muster some more for your friends!
    2) We had a bright and sunny afternoon yesteday, a cool night, and a bright and sunny day today. Very glad we did NOT have another winter storm.
    3) I think fiber makes you fart because it doesn't digest, it just ferments with the help of friendly bacteria in the lower intestines and they create fun gases!
    4) Don't know if the h8rs are louder. Maybe I'm more sensitive to it, but it seems like a fairly constant roar. But we're still making strides in equality, so maybe for the people who count, it's just a droning noise.
    5) I agree about Beyonce...wish she was BeyonD me!
    6) If the USPS can really save $2B/yr by cutting out Saturday delivery, so be it. Won't affect me at all.
    7) I can't do anything but upper body and core at the gym until this damn knee heals (or is fixed).
    8) I do loves me some Monty Python, been watching since the early 70's when they debuted in this country.
    I do love brain dumps. Always interesting!
    Peace <3

  2. So looking forward to seeing you again Anne Marie on 3/5 at the Philadelphia Flower Show. I'll introduce you to my longtime friend Don McK. I know you'll both like each other.

    Lots of sun today. Love that! Fiber is good for you, doesn't digest, just cleans out your colon on the way to its eventual exit. All good. Beyonce, what did I see in her anyway. I too am so over her. Phony baloney. Comfort food tonight was green bean casserole with cheddar cheese onions, crock pot chicken cooked in wine (fork tender) and stuffing. Ate too much! And the h8ters are just driving themselves further and further into irrelevance. So be it.

    1. thanks for the inn brochure; it arrived in today's mail! looks comfortable and ready for a party!

      looks like I should have dropped in at your house for dinner. :)

  3. Sing out Louise!
    Let the dumping continue ......

  4. I can't wait to see you in March. Are you planning on bringing anything? Like maybe some of that beer bread you mentioned?

    1. (cue the twilight zone music) spouse also mentioned this very idea about an hour ago, before I even logged on for the morning! great minds think alike, yes?

      yes, I will bring some beer bread and some wine. and my board games.

      I think it's special that you want to see me again. and I want to be with you and all my boyfriends for this momentous occasion!

  5. I'm having a giveaway on my blog for St Patrick's Day. You or some of your readers may want to swing by and have a look

  6. OMG!....the head closet homo drag superstar over in Rome QUIT!
    My ..My.. what will that drag troupe do? Who will lead them?
    ....with that awful thought in my head it's time to take my fiber and FART!

    1. yeah, and the media are making a BFD about nothing. who gives a fuck where this homo/women/birth control h8er goes? he should be going to jail for the sex abuse coverups! and what about his nazi past? and where does all the money go? so many questions and no answers forthcoming.

      I can tell you this: nothing will change; they are so stuck in the 14th century. glad I got the hell outta that cult!