Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mad Libs #4 (Jeep Guy Inspired) - Results

So 5 of my boyfriends decided to participate in this meme, story unseen.

Thanks for playing; pick up your lovely parting gifts on the way out.  There will be another, so watch this space!

First up is Sean - I want to watch your porn.

Next is Jay - I want to eat your puppy.

Next is Raybeard - I want to stroke your bone.

Next is Sean R - I want to dominate your pudding.

Next is David J - I want to go to Lewes.

I want to pump you up! 


  1. I'll never look at dessert the same way now. :-)

  2. I'm glad I didn't choose Jay's words (and he might be feeling the same way too). Mind you, one of my mum's (another passionate animal lover) favourite expressions when she saw a cuddly puppy or a kitten was "Eat you up!"

    1. yeah, but that's the chance you take, sight unseen. your choice is soooooo obvious! :)

    2. Hmmm..... I can see that next time I'll have to try harder to surprise you, A.M. Suppose I could post a VERY intimate picture of self - but I don't want to give you sleepless nights.

    3. tee hee! a friend of mine in ohio (not a blogger) always sends me nice pix of hairy naked guys; he and I have the same taste in men.

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