Saturday, February 2, 2013

Liar Liar Pants on Fire! (#3) (update)

I thought I would steal this from jim.

Here are 5 things about me; which one is the lie?

1.  I grocery shop only 2 times per month.

2.  I joined a gym 18 months ago and I am still going 3 times per week.

3.  I drive a 2001 model used car.

4.  I don't like the taste of beer.

5.  I will be watching the Super Bowl tomorrow.

Place your bets, folks!


1.  TRUE - I get paid twice a month, so that's when I shop.  It's not rocket science.

2.  TRUE - I enjoy my 30 minute strength exercises with my trainer.  My trainer motivates me to achieve my goals.

3.  TRUE - I bought a 2001 used hyundai elantra in 2006 (1 owner, 49K miles); it's now at 92K miles and still runs great.  Why yes, I DO keep up with the maintenance schedule!  My previous hyundai was purchased new and ran for 15 years (1991-2006)!

4.  TRUE - my adult beverages of choice are wine, gin, vodka (not necessarily in that order).  Beer shall never touch my lips!  Cosmos and gin-n-tonics always go down easy! (heh heh heh, I said "go down".)  And no rubbish either (with a nod to spo)!

5.  LIE - I am a baseball-only fan and nothing else.  9 days til the start of baseball season (muppet flail)!  But congrats to bawlmer (native pronunciation) anyway.

Janey, Jim, Sean R, Ron, and Tornwordo all receive lovely parting gifts for guessing correctly!

Confidential to Ron - the salivating was for the spouse's benefit, not mine!  He is the beer drinker in the family (he IS german, after all)!


  1. I sure hope the beer one is the lie, but I don't think so.

  2. My bet is that #5 is the lie!

    Where is your Saturday Night Dance Party Song, bitch? :-) You rejected Todd's choice, and then did not make one of your own? WTF?

    Love, Janey

    1. girlfriend, I made 4 (count 'em) posts yesterday; the first post was my SNDP song. scroll down 3 posts and you'll find it. ;)

  3. #2? If not, then you are ABOVE AVERAGE!!!

    Peace <3

  4. I think it's number 3. Or 5.

  5. I'm guessing #5. You've mentioned sports teams in the past (baseball). I recall seeing anything about football.

  6. It's obvious that #1 must be the porky-pie - 'cos no one else has said it. (Maybe you go just ONCE a month?)

  7. Correction! I meant #5. I forgot, I did take you to Dogfish didn't I and you salivated.


  8. In fact you started to shake all over when I took you to the Dogfish brewery. I remember things like that sweetie. You can't fool me. :)

  9. Replies
    1. bienvenue!

      you will just have to wait and find out...

  10. baseball
    We had Padres Fan Fest today at Petco Park and I treated myself to a new jersey!.....can't WAIT....
    May both our teams have a GREAT year!

    1. FUCK YEAH! the equipment truck arrived in clearwater yesterday! I am soooooo fucking ready for spring! smooches!