Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mad Libs #3 (Pre-Valentine's Day Edition)

OK, boyz, since all y'all did so well with the last one, here's another.

Fill in the blanks with your fave words:
your sweetheart's first name
time of day (e.g., afternoon)
body part
present tense verb
a second body part
a third body part
present tense verb
day of the week
present tense verb
present tense verb
item of clothing
holiday (e.g.,thanksgiving)
present tense verb
          your first name

I will publish the results in a few days.


  1. oh dear I never do these well; I try to make it humorous but this always falls flat. i will pass to those more clever.

    1. oh c'mon spo, go wild and crazy! see sean's choices below.

      PS - your hubby has not posted a blog entry in 2 weeks; is he OK?

  2. Oh boy!

    Sweetheart's first name: Laurel
    time of day: evening
    body part : big toe
    adjective : runny
    adjective : crunchy
    present tense verb: flapping
    a second body part : arm
    adjective : billowy
    a third body part : ear
    present tense verb : sweating
    day of the week : Wednesday
    adjective : snowy
    adjective : windy
    adjective : stinky
    present tense verb : yelling
    present tense verb : sneezing
    adjective : watery
    item of clothing : necktie
    holiday (e.g.,thanksgiving) : St. Patrick's Day
    present tense verb : bending
    noun : cat
    your first name : Sean

    Can't wait to see the results!

    1. patience, grasshopper. I want to see how many more entries I get before revealing the backstory. thanks for playing! :)

  3. Sweetheart's first name: (As you probably know, I've never had one. But just to play the game, let's pick one at random).....let's say ANNE MARIE!

    time of day: twilight
    body part: thumbnail
    adjective: juicy
    adjective: camp
    present tense verb: blows
    second body part: bush
    adjective: windy
    third body part: navel
    present tense verb: sweats
    day of the week: the Sabbath
    adjective: gaily
    adjective: presidential
    adjective: funny
    present tense verb: inhales
    present tense verb: dribbles
    adjective: snobbish
    item of clothing: brassiere
    holiday: Labour Day
    present tense verb: shrieks
    noun: balloon
    first name: Ray.