Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Liar Liar Pants On Fire! (#10) - Update

I thought I would steal this from Jim

Here are 5 cars I have owned (1972-present); which one is the lie?

1. hyundai elantra

2. ford pinto

3. chevy monte carlo

4. pontiac sunbird
5. volkswagon beetle

Place your bets, folks!


1.  TRUE.  my current car, purchased used in 2006.

2.  TRUE.  sorry to disappoint all y'all.  my parents bought this for me in 1972 when I graduated high school; they had a death wish for me.  I drove it until 1977, when it broke down for good; only had 77K miles on it.  and I didn't die, which made the parents quiet unhappy.

3.  TRUE.  I owned this one from 1980-1991.  it was a lucky car; purchased 8-8-80 with 8 miles on it.

4.  TRUE.  I owned this one from 1977-1980.  what a piece of shit!

5.  LIE.  I have never owned a beetle; my old man did though.

and I cannot believe raybeard has never driven a car or even owned a car!  in this country, it's a right of passage!

I see no one got this quiz right; oh well, try try again. :(


  1. I'll take a wild guess and say #1. I couldn't picture you driving a Pinto.

  2. I am going to guess the Pontiac Sunbird, because I once rented one at the Charlotte airport to drive home, when the plane took off without me. That Sunbird is the worst car I have ever driven, and the Ford Granada that I once owned comes in second!

  3. Never driven and never had the least interest in cars so the above names, bar one, mean ZERO to me. But I do remember what a #5 is, along with the Rolls Royce, and that's about it. Apart from that I'm knowledgeable enough to know that cars tend to have four wheels. (Hope I've got that right). So sorry, A.M., this particular quiz not for me. However, the answer can't be #4, 'cos having such an exotic name, you MUST have owned one.

  4. For the love of the Baby Jeebus, please let the Pinto [#2] be the lie!

  5. I'm going with the Pinto

  6. (Regarding your solution added above and your comment regarding my absence of this particular 'talent') Yes, it's disgraceful, I know. But too late now. I don't know how the proportions of non-drivers in our respective countries compare, but I should imagine it's many times higher here. In area-comparison our country is almost Lilliputian, and it's far less necessary to be able to drive - though one is rather stymied when public transport doesn't go to precisely where one wishes to be.

    Oh, there was also a teeny-weeny untruth in what I said. I did in fact take driving lessons way back in 1975. I was a slow learner and had about twenty sessions, but would have needed at least the same amount again. Then I moved to Oxford and, for reasons of expense, never took it up again. But it's been no great regret.

    Btw: Thanks for the 'plug' of my blog, A.M.. Yet again!

    1. MWAH! true, your public transportation system is better than ours and your country is waaaaaay smaller. most US places (except cities) don't really have sidewalks that encourage walking/biking. and there are hardly any bicycle lanes.

      in this country, the car rules cause the guvmint and the petrol/highway/auto makers are the boss.

    2. I'm afraid complaints about our public transport are legion. Private companies own just about everything now, even the railways, and if a route doesn't make a profit then it's axed. Wasn't the same when we had nationalised railways and bus companies. Then they just did as they were told. Putting them back into public ownership now would cost a bomb, which no one would want to pay.
      Still, there is, as you suggest, a great awareness here of the needs of pedestrians - and in the last two decades or so a welcome expansion of cycle lanes all over the place.

    3. private companies own the public transport here also and work the same as yours (no profit = no service).

      the road on which I live has no sidewalks or bike lanes; one lane for cars/trucks in each direction only. quite dangerous actually; there have been many accidents outside my home involving people driving too damn fast.

  7. My first car was a Pinto too! One that I got from my parents! I traded it in for a Datson B210 within a year!

    1. did your parents have a death wish against you also?

      damn, I remember those datsun B210's...