Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Night Dance Party!

This is how I am feeling right now.

Dance like no one's watching.

Sing like no one's listening.

"The Love I Lost" - 11 years ago yesterday, I lost a good friend to colon cancer.  He was only 59 years old.  So I dedicate this song to him.  Give it up for my homeboys, YO!

Only 265 days til...(you know what!)


  1. Bitter-sweet memories, A.M. For your much-missed friend, even 59 seems a cruelly early age at which to have to go.

    I also keep a 'farewell list', marking the anniversaries of departed ones, family, relations, as well as 'very special' friends.
    In my disco-dancing days, after just about all of my few friends started dropping away (the big 'A', of course), I'd mentally dedicate particular dances to their individual memories - and soon I'd be gyrating around the disco floor with tears in my eyes. A painful yet lovely experience.

    Btw: I've happened to see that you are unaccountably missing from my 'birthday list'. Have I been inattentive in reading your blogs? (In which case it should appear again and on the next occasion and I'll definitely pick it up.) - or is it perhaps something you prefer to keep to yourself?

    1. yes, 59 is way too early to die. he left a wife and 2 adult children. he could sing/laugh with me and we could discuss anything and everything.

      I am turning 59 in 2 months NOT ready to kick the bucket, but ready to kick some ass! 9-6 is my natal day.

      smooches! :)

    2. You're on the list now, A.M. - but not that you'll notice anything much different coming from this direction. Still, it's nice to know.
      Btw: I never suspected you of being a Virgo!


      most of what is described in the above link is true about me.

    4. Ah, that reference was mostly tongue-in-cheek, A.M. As having had a keen lifelong interest in AstroNOMY, which has very little time for the 'other' one (though I haven't got quite the entirely closed mind that some scientists have) I don't follow the latter with any degree of seriousness.
      Btw: I'm a Libran - fair-minded, indecisive, good judge, lazy, supporter of the underdog, patient, sensitive, cultured, ........... ;-)

    5. spouse is also a libra (10-15). indecisive - yes, patient - HELL NO! :)

  2. Whenever I hear HM and The Bluenotes mentioned I instantly think of "Wake Up Everybody" - one of my favs. I forget they made a lot of great music. Thanks for the reminder

    1. yep, "wake up everybody" is another great philly tune! smooches!


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