Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Night Dance Party!

This is how I am feeling right now.

Dance like no one's watching.

Sing like no one's listening.

"I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That" - one of Sir Elton's songs that is not played very often.  I remember listening to this whilst trying to make up my mind to leave the ex-husband...

Only 237 days til...(you know what!)


  1. Ah, this is what I was waiting for.
    Funny how you should find this particular record evocative of a certain time in your life, 'cos I do too. It was at the height of its popularity when I moved to Germany, being played in all the Cologne bars I visited in those first exciting but tiring days living over there. (There was another Elton song which I deliberately played to death on my leaving to return to England, in order to burn an association in my mind with THAT time - 'Sacrifice'.)

    Now, at the moment I'll have to wait to play the video as on the radio at the moment is one of my very favourite symphonies playing, Dvorak 8. Too 'sacred' to break off.
    But once it's over, picture it if you will, I'm going to bring two cat litter trays in here, one foot in each, (after checking for unwanted 'deposits) and do a sand-dance to E.J.
    Just imagine it, A.M.

    1. Right, just played it - at high volume and on full screen. (Never seen this video before)
      Couldn't do my sand-dance, though. Didn't want to disturb my newest 'patron', one Duda (so I've called the little collared Torty) who comes in to sleep but takes flight whenever I get within six feet of her. But I did tap or toe or toe. Marvellous stuff!

    2. a sand dance, eh? "sacrifice" is another tune that does not receive airplay. and another cute pussy visitor? word has gotten around the cat-bourhood that you are a nice man.

    3. She's sitting in the kitchen right now, warily watching for any approach I might make. Yesterday I discovered that she's got a sleeping spot there, high up on top of the cupboards - and it beats me how she leaps up there as there's hardly any convenient take-off point for her to jump up from. All the unfortuante signs are that she wants to move in too - like everybody else. (This morning I had SEVEN to feed!) If the landlord were to find out I'd be out on the street, and that's what scares me mightily.

    4. 7 pussies? WOW! yep, word has gotten out. raybeard's house is open to any and all kitty friends!

    5. And do you think they care that I've got barely enough money to keep myself fed, never mind the whole gang of them? Not a bit of it!

  2. It's not a Saturday without "Saturday Night Dance Party"!!! XOXO

  3. Haven't thought of that song for a long time.