Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Soundtrack of Your Life (a movie score)

I stole this from Toni.  Sue me.  Or try it yourself. 

Opening Credits:  born to be wild (steppenwolf) 

Waking Up Scene:  here comes the sun (beatles) 

Car Driving Scene:  streets of bakersfield (dwight yoakam) 

High School Flashback Scene:  behind blue eyes (the who) 

Nostalgic Scene:  YMCA (village people) 

Steamy Love Scene:  love to love you baby (donna summer) 

Beach Scene:  we got the beat (go-gos) 

Bitter Angry Scene:  liar (three dog night) 

Breakup Scene:  I’m doin’ fine now (new york city) 

Regret Scene:  so far away (carole king) 

Nightclub/Bar Scene:  I love the nightlife (alicia bridges) 

Fight/Action Scene:  I won’t back down (tom petty) 

Saturday Morning/Cleaning the House Scene:  you should be dancing (bee gees) 

Lawn Mowing Scene:  ride captain ride (blues image) 

Sad Breakdown Scene:  do you really wanna hurt me (culture club) 

Happy Friend Scene:  feels so good (chuck mangione) 

Dreaming About That Special Someone Scene:  wonderful world (sam cooke) 

Contemplation Scene:  what is life (george harrison) 

Chase Scene:  the heat is on (glenn frey) 

Happy Holding Hands Walking Through the Park Love Scene:  just the two of us (grover washington jr & bill withers) 

Death Scene:  wake me up before you go go (wham) 

Funeral Scene:  walk of life (dire straits) 

Closing Credits:  I’m alright (kenny loggins)


  1. When I get a chance, I will have to do this, but this will take some thought. After meeting you Anne Marie, these could not BE MORE PERFECT!!!! I can picture you doing the cleaning to that song....nude to I'm a right? The only song moment I may have to omit on my list would be lawn mow. The Mistress doesn't do lawns!!!!! Lovely fun post to wake up too!!!!!!

    1. yep, nekkid (or near nekkid in winter) housework.

      "The Mistress doesn't do lawns" - except if the lawn is above a 12" cock, amirite?

      this post took some thought for me also.

    2. If I didn't swear I wasn't younger than The Mistress (apologies to Maddie - may I recommend L'Oreal Anti Sagging) but we could have been separated at birth?
      Lawn mowing. PLEASE.

    3. bwhahahahahaha! maddie's delicate hind quarters would NEVER sit well on a tractor! now on a 12" cock...

  2. Great choices for all these categories, especially the death scene one, lol!

  3. I love this, but I'm afraid it would take me all month to figure out mine. Nice answers!

  4. You picked some great songs. RJJS

  5. Most interesting - but (and I hate to admit this) there are no less than TEN songs on your list which I don't recognise from their titles. I'm hoping that my research will lead me to say "Oh yes!" for that many times.

    1. youtube is your friend for searches like this! and you know my music tastes, I'mma all over the map!

  6. What scene would 'My Ding a Ling' by Chuck Berry be for?

  7. Sounds like a fabulous film!

  8. Hello My Dear, Oh my where has the time gone? How long has it been since I last stopped here. I really like this post1 Spot on as always. BTW are you and hubby done with Winter yet? It hasn't been that bad in my little corner of my red state. I was hoping to make it back out east again sometime this year. But now it doesn't look like that is going to happen. I have some ideas for a few blog posts just need to get in gear and do it! Have a great week AM.

    1. hello randy. 8-12 inches of snow coming our way tomorrow. SNOW DAY FROM WORK!

  9. Excellent Sound Track. I definitely want to see the movie!

    By the way, your Death Scene pick? Which part applies the most? Wake My Up Before You Go Go or Wham?

    Great choices!

    1. hopefully WHAM, as in "die in my sleep WHAM". thanks for posting your meme!

  10. Little fact of life: I actually got to see Chuck Mangione in Cahoots lounge at the HBG Marriott after a concert. He was sober. Huey Lewis tried the same thing drunk on his ass, and then everybody laughed, including Huey.

    1. cool! I'd fuck huey lewis in a new york minute; how about you?

  11. This was a good read (and imagined listening session).

    Can only think of a few myself:

    High School scene: Dirty Water (Rock & Hyde - Payolas)
    Car driving scene: (Running on Empty Jackson Browne - if it were the highway) / You belong to the City (Glenn Frey - if I were driving downtown passing by skyscrapers)
    Steamy Love Scene: Wicked Game (Chris Isaak)
    Beach Scene: Boys of Summer (Don Henley)
    Happy Friend Scene: Wannabe (Spice Girls)
    Bitter Angry Scene: You Oughta Know (Alanis Morissette)
    18 Wheeler Truck (Pink)
    Regret: Someone Like You (Adele)
    Nighclub bar scene: Bar (Cantina) scene from Star Wars
    Fight Action Scene: Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

    ~ Freckles

    1. ooooooooooh, interesting choices! that's what's so cool about this kind of shit!

  12. OT: May I put in a request for a tightly knitted microwave cover? OTFR

    1. don't want the microwave spying on you, eh? bwhahahahahaha!

  13. Replies
    1. thank you; I wonder what YOUR soundtrack would be?