Sunday, January 20, 2013

Liar Liar Pants on Fire! (#2) (update)

I thought I would steal this from jim.

Here are 5 things about me; which one is the lie?

1.  I dye my hair.

2.  I still have my xmess lights up and lit.

3.  I  have adopted 5 cats since 1991.

4.  I love the summer season.

5.  I have been a VERY chatty bitch this weekend.

Place your bets, folks!

(heh heh heh, this is post #69)


1.  TRUE - clairol nice and easy #110 (natural light auburn).  been doing this since my late 20s.

2.  TRUE - the electric candles in the windows are lit from 4:30p to 10p thru january 31.

3.  TRUE - sydney (adopted 1991 - deceased 2002), meredith (adopted 1992),  kelly (adopted 2002 - deceased 2006), steven (adopted 2006 - deceased 2012), nyla (adopted 2012).

4.  LIE - I detest summertime!

5.  TRUE - look at all my posts and comments!

So, a lovely parting gift belongs to VICTOR (with no projections) for playing along!


  1. I think #3 is the lie. You adopted 5 cats in 2012 alone.

  2. I like this meme! Now let's see, which one is the lie? This is hard! Oh well, here I go.....I would say................................THIS IS HARD!............uh.............NO. 2!

  3. I'm going with #4, for no reason other than that I don't like the summer season, and I feel like projecting on you. :)

    Good post!

  4. With apologies for not choosing #5, clearly the odd one out is #1. I simply cannot imagine that you would feel any need to enhance your natural beauty. (Grovel grovel.....[signed] Brown-nose)

  5. I'm going with 2.

  6. I just caught the update here with the answers. Wow, I was right! Who'd have guessed. I'm with you on this one big time, I don't like summer at all.
    Keep cool ;)