Monday, July 8, 2013

Liar Liar Pants On Fire! (#8) - Update

I thought I would steal this from Jim

Here are 5 jobs I have had from 1970-2013; which one is the lie?

1. variety store cashier

2. book manuscript typist

3. hotel front desk clerk

4. customer service center telephone worker

5. office manager

Place your bets, folks!


Well, since Raybeard is so impatient, I guess I had better respond. ;-)

1. variety store cashier - TRUE.  my first job at age 16.  the store owner paid me under the table in cash (not exactly kosher), and they wanted me to (a) dust the glass display shelves and (b) follow the customer around the small store as if the person were a common thief.  well!  (a) - I hate housework and (b) - WRONG on every count!  I didn't last too long there.

2. book manuscript typist - TRUE.  mid-1970s, pre-computer days, IBM selectric typewriter with carbon paper in between the sheets.  I did this job for a college professor; he paid me in booze.  The book sold about 100 copies.

3. hotel front desk clerk - TRUE.  for 3 weeks in 2000; sweet mother of pearl, what a load of horseshit!  I don't know how dear Ron puts up with the crap.  plus all my co-workers smoked at the desk whilst on duty.  my allergies were not happy.

4. customer service center telephone worker - LIE.  I would not take a job like this EVAH!

5. office manager - TRUE.  this is my current position; going on 10 years now.

Congrats to Jim and the corporate slave!


  1. I think #4 is the lie. I can't see you tied to a phone all day.

  2. #3. Pretty sure.
    Peace <3

  3. I agree that it is #3. When you thinking up the lie, you thought about what Ron does!


  4. Just to be different I'm torn between #2 and #5. Okay, decision time. I place my money on #2 - and I donate my prize to your nearest animal rescue centre.

  5. I'm going with 4. If you had this job you would have called yourself a call center agent.

  6. Another tough one, but I'm going with #1...

  7. We need to plan our next little lie...!

  8. Oh well, better luck to me next time - and which I've just done, having seen your latest post and not looking at this till now 'cos I was sitting in the flix yesterday at a later show than I'd normally go to.
    But thanx for your high-profile plug above, A.M. I owe you one - to add to the ones already there on the list.


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