Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday Night Dance Party!

This is how I am feeling right now.

Dance like no one's watching.

Sing like no one's listening.

"What Am I Gonna Do With You" - this man could read the phone book to me and I would just sit back and drool!  The voice of smoky sex!

Only 285 days til...(you know what!)


  1. The voice of LURVE from a B-I-G man - who had an awful lot of body to cuddle.
    Couldn't get beyond wriggling on my seat as Summer's finally arrived in England - and it's in the mid-20s here - Wow! (Read mid-to-upper 70s for F) - and when it gets hot my feet are the first to suffer. But was certainly getting jiggy in spirit,

    Btw: The interviewer at the start here had a darned sexy speaking voice. Just right to get one in the mood.

    1. back from your vacation I see. how are the pussies?

      you would NOT like it here today - temps near 100F. todd and I are inside, not to emerge until monday morning's workday. I can only dream of mid-70s.

      BTW, todd will have a movie review of "the lone ranger" posted sometime today.

      the interviewer is don cornelius, the host of "soul train". "soul train" was the black "american bandstand". back in the day, we teens watched both shows to see the latest singers and dance steps. pre-MTV, I know.

    2. Vacation? Hardly! - but I do acknowledge the friendly spirit behind what you say, so for that I do fulsomely thank you, A.M.

      Pussies didn't take long to get back to 'normal' - I was required to give breakfast to five of them this morning (Pussy-word quickly got round that I was back.). Blackso and Noodles, the two who'd spent five days in kennels, if they remember it at all, must now regard it as having been just a bad dream.
      My main worry while away, Ginger, whom I'd ask next door to feed outside, apparently disappeared after my first day away - but yesterday within one hour of my return he was back, and looking thinner and rather dishevelled, so he'd obviously been roughing it somewhere. But now, at this moment, he's sleeping contentedly on the kitchen table.

      Yes, your temps are on the news here. I certainly don't envy you.

      I take it that you also saw the 'Lone Ranger'? It opens here in a week or two, and so far I haven't seen any early reviews of it - but that's about to change!
      I suppose you're far too young to remember the old b/w TV series with, was it Clayton Moore and (lovely name) Jay Silverheels? I watched it religiously most every week. Having said that, must admit to never having been a particular fan of Westerns, but I reckon I will be going to see this new one.

      Thanks for info re Mr Cornelius. He rings my bell!

    3. happy to hear pussies have resumed their routine.

      I did not go with spouse to see the movie; was not interested. I DO remember the tv show. I am not a western gal fan either.

      more info on don is here; he just died last year.